Editorial: Better platform

This week, Taiwanese investors are arriving to meet with their local counterparts as they want to discuss with the latter possible joint venture investments in the healthcare industry.

The Taiwanese executives, representing 10 big companies, are being brought to the city by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, the same group that brought another Taiwanese group to the city about five months ago.
The visit, like the previous one, is in coordination with Mindanao Business Council as the latter is tasked to identify those that are invited to join the event, which will include business matching, aside from the usual group discussions.

Foreign groups of investors have been visiting the city to look for opportunities, so there is a need for both the government and the private sector to come up with key initiatives that will help improve the potentials of the city.

Earlier, Arturo M. Milan, president of the Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that there is a need to evaluate the potentials of the city and come up with mechanisms to enhance it.

For one, there is a need to develop economic zones as there have been both foreign and local investors that are requesting for the establishment of these zones as it would be easier for them to locate in these areas.
Also, the government must invest especially in infrastructure facilities so that a seamless movement of goods is necessary for investors.

Among the needed facilities are those key components in the logistics industry.

Of course, the report that the national government is ready to invest in developing the Sasa wharf as well as setting up a new airport is a welcome development, but there are other needed interventions to fully optimize the potentials of the city as an investment haven.

A comprehensive evaluation is necessary to put every intervention in place and ensure the economic growth of the city.

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