Editorial | Being safe this summer

SUMMER means a lot to growing children. These are the days when children are off the pressure of school and can spend time to seek adventures that will help in their holistic development. It is the time for enjoying the sun and freedom of open spaces they do not usually get during 10 months of going to school.While we believe that children should explore and be creative during this season, there are also many hazards that they should avoid. Dehydration, sun burn and stomach flu are among the health issues that usually come during summer, and parents are well aware of these.

As we did some spring cleaning, we stumbled into tips to prevent electrical hazards that parents should know about to keep their children safe. This was compiled by the Davao Light and Power Company to help parents look out for their kids better this summer.

Here are some tips: Never play near a power line nor touch it with any part of your body, a toy, a stick, or any others object. Assume at all times that any power line you see is live and dangerous.

Never approach downed power lines for any reason whatsoever. If you see one, call Davao Light immediately at 229-3572 (DLPC).

Never throw shoes or articles of clothing up unto power lines. Also never try to retrieve any object already hanging from it. To avoid getting kites, model aircraft or any other airborne toys stuck in power lines, play with these things in wide open spaces like parks or fields far away from power lines.

Never climb trees that are too close to power lines. If you see that any trees in your yard or neighborhood are too close to power lines, call Davao Light and have these trees trimmed or possible removed.

Keep an eye on the weather. Don’t go swimming if there’s going to be a heavy rain accompanied with lighting and thunderstorm.

Kids follow what adults do, thus, practice safety procedures at all times.  Being safe this summer is what counts the most.


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