Editorial | Be wary of the consequences

The city government is setting up machines that will disperse condoms at the two comfort rooms of the city council in its effort to help curb the increase in sexually-transmitted diseases.

In explaining the move, Jeffrey Fuentes, head of the City Population Office, said this will specifically address the fear that illnesses associated with having sex will spread uncontrollably.

Making the condoms available through these government-run dispensers, he said, will at least break the refusal of some of those want to access them but are ashamed to buy them from stores as there is still stigma associated with them.

Fuentes, himself, admitted that adolescents are inclined to accept the use of condoms as practical ways of stopping the spread of the illnesses. This acceptance can also be anchored on the belief that these contraceptives will prevent pregnancy.

It is good that the proposed condom dispensers will still run as an experiment, because the city government should also look into whether this program will have ill-effects especially on those young minds who are aggressive in exploring their sexuality.

Usually, solutions like this are just palliative in nature; and, sometimes, they create bigger and multiple problems instead.

The government, in using this program, must not only look at its ill-effects but must also come up with a comprehensive alternative, particularly on how to effectively educate the youth not only on sex but on how to become responsible citizens.

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