EDITORIAL| At the front seat of history

JOURNALISM, according to Philip Graham, is the “first rough draft to history.”  Graham (1915-1963) was a newspaper publisher and the chief executive officer of Washington Post.

As journalists take the enviable front seat to what is happening in the world, they also face scrutiny from government and the public. They chronicle major events in history while grappling with their own fears and judgment calls on whether the story should be written or not at the expense of their safety or to some, their lives.

Mindanao Times is celebrating its 70 years today in a simple event at Royal Mandaya Hotel. For seven decades, the newspaper have faithfully chronicled the events of the city – from its post war rebuilding efforts, the tumultuous years of Martial Law, the peace and order problems in the 80’s, until today’s various challenges.

Although it first saw print in 1946, the publication and the printing press, was first owned by the Davao Times, a weekly newspaper owned and published by the Japanese during the Japanese Occupation in the country. After the war, the publication was assumed by the Philippine Civil  Affair  Unit (PICAU) No. 29, of the 24th Division of the U.S. Army.

In January 2,1946, the late Atty. Guillermo E. Torres and Pedro M. Later bought the weekly and renamed it Mindanao Times. The first editor was Antonio S. Gabila.

In  1950 the Mindanao Times became a daily.- In addition  to the  local news and features, the eight-column spread paper carried world news dispatched by the United  Press  International, feature articles, and comic strips from the King  Features  Syndicate,  and national news gathered by the Philip¬pine News  Service.

The Mindanao Times  began its daily run in September 2, 1997. We have come a long way, as a daily. The management of the newspaper has been generous in providing the editorial team and the printing press with state-of-the-art equipment.

Looking at the archives of the Mindanao Times, we begin to understand what it really means to be at the frontseat of history.

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