EDITORIAL| As summer approaches

FEBRUARY gives way to the heat of the approaching summer. Another month and we will be having our hands full with children and youth who will be enjoying a respite from school. Yesterday registered the hottest day in 2015 in Metro Manila and at no time at all, the heat will definitely be here.

We cram activities during summer to wean children who are hooked to computers or TV for most of the year. Summer is a time for growing up, a season for stacking memories.

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The summer heat however brings with it diseases which can be prevented. Among the contagious viral diseases are sore eyes and chicken pox which spread easily during summer due to what health professionals call the “socialization patterns.” Children who are on their summer vacation tend to be unwitting carriers of virus, easily spreading it to family members or playmates.

Other common diseases during summer are diarrhea and skin diseases such as rashes and prickly heat. Knowing the dire effects of UV rays on the skin, most parents insist their children put sunblock when they are exposed to the sun but sometimes, this does not seem to be enough. They are regularly in contact with other people, more so if they are involved in sports. It is important, especially with the added humidity, that we practice physical hygiene and ensure that our environment is clean.

There are instances when we have to be aware of any construction or repair of our water pipes as these could bring water-borne diseases due to contaminated pipes and low water pressure.

Because of the number of people enjoying the summer break, food stalls sprout near beach resorts or parks offering various kinds of food at affordable prices which may not be monitored by the health department. Food-spoiling bacteria such as salmonella spread faster under extreme heat.

On top of all these precautions is the need for our children to drink more glasses of water to cool down their body and replenish the loss of water due to excessive perspiration. This early, we should all prepare for summer.

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