Editorial | Arrest the problem

The move of Councilor Maria Belen S. Acosta to look into the legality of the operations of security agencies must really be attended to.
Last week, Acosta, chair of the city council committee on peace and public safety, said that her committee has initiated the cross referencing of the lists of the concerned agencies related to operations of security agencies.
The councilor made the move after the Regional Security Association reported about some security agencies were operating without the necessary permits.
The report also pushed Acosta to call the attention of business establishments, cautioning them to not engage the services of these illegal security agencies as they could also face problems if they do. Acosta even extended her call to the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, urging the business groups to help in ensuring that only registered security agencies are allowed to do their business in the city.
Of course, businesses that are operating illegally must be closed down because they are violating the law. Illegal security agencies are doubly problematic because this kind of business is considered among those that needed heavy regulations.
One must remember that security agencies that are operating legally need to ensure that they have hired personnel that are qualified and firearms that are obtained legally. Even these security agencies even have to make a conscious effort to ensure that their personnel do their jobs according to the laws.
How many stories have come out about licensed security agencies whose personnel have engaged in nefarious activities? The problem with unlicensed security agencies is that their people may use their firearms in illegal activities and that they cannot be traced because their companies are not among those that are recorded in the data of concerned agencies. This must not be allowed to continue.


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