Editorial: Another phase of the year

August is something Davaoeños look forward to every year because this is the month when our sidewalks, street corners, and markets overflow with various fruits in season.

It is the time when the air is redolent with the pungent-sweet smell of durian, marang, lanzones and mangosteen, fruits that tells the story of how blessed and abundant we are.

This year comes brighter and better than the previous two years when bad weather came and disrupted the season. Though the durian is still a bit pricey, all other fruits are on its best prices – at least for consumers.
Magsaysay Park has become an attraction with the authentic architecture and food of our 11 tribes. Most of the big companies have their own events that draw people far and wide to celebrate Kadayawan. Certainly, we see more visitors now enjoying the abundance of our city.

August holds historical significance for us. In the 70’s, the nation saw the devastation wrought by the Plaza Miranda bombing shortly before the elections. In the 80’s, August was the month when charismatic political leader Senator Ninoy Aquino was shot at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport, giving impetus to the growing opposition that finally led to the downfall of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.

August is a breath away from the month of September, the beginning of the season of joy. We will soon be hearing carols as Christmas inevitable comes early in the hearts of Filipinos. This month is like the door that ushers the last part of the year.

This is a year that is ending too soon.

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