Editorial | Another journalist slain

THE PPI is saddened by the death of journalist and publisher Dennis Denora of Trends and Times based in Panabo, Davao del Norte. He used to be PPI trustee for Mindanao in the late 90′s representing his paper which was once a member. As reported, he was gunned down 2pm today by unidentified men. We condemn this yet another killing of a media worker. May justice be served.

The institute urgently reminds our colleagues of their safety as they go about their routine as media practitioners. We pray for strength and guidance for his family and co-workers.
We are printing the official statement of the Davao del Norte Press and Radio-TV Club.
“The Davao del Norte Press & Radio-TV Club (DNPRC) is angered and saddened by the news that at 2pm today, June 7, 2018, our colleague, friend and fellow newspaper Publisher Dennis Denora was shot to death on broad daylight, by still unidentified gunmen.
“This is a tragic reminder of the physical risks journalists take as they work in the field. As a newspaper publisher like myself, I am disheartened by the death of one of the well-known columnists/writers in Davao del Norte.
“Dennis Denora, an officer and member of the Davao Region Multi-Media group (DRMMG) is known for his fearless forecasts both in newspaper and in radio did have the highs and lows of the profession.
“We at DNPRC, believe it is not justifiable to take one’s life for work-related, personal or political reasons. “His death awakens the anger and pains of journalists who do their job and yet are being judged by the pistol. It is vital to note that our past club President, Mr. Gregorio “Loloy” Ybañez Sr. suffered the same fate as Denora.
“We detest these senseless killing of journalists and remain steadfast in pushing through a mandate to defend freedom of expression and press freedom.
“In all forms, we strongly regard murder and any physical violence against journalists as a crime against society, since this curtails freedom of expression and, as a consequence, the other rights and freedoms set forth in human rights are bruised to no end. We then urge the competent authorities to discharge their duty of preventing, investigating and punishing such crimes and remedying their consequences.
“We then call on our President to take action in putting a stop to these killings.
“The death of Denora is another manifestation of the dangerous life a journalist has to tread in this country.
We at DNPRC strongly condemn this act, and by all means help and join-forces in seeking justice for the untimely death of journalist and publisher Dennis Denora.”
Signed Pamela Gay Bangad-Perales
President, Davao del Norte Press & Radio-TV Club

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