EDITORIAL| Again, political will please

TRAFFIC during this time of the year is expected to be heavy as movement of people is always expected to be intensified.

But even before the Yuletide season, traffic had become a very big mess because of the usual factor: the city roads, particularly those leading to its center, could only absorb so much volume of vehicles. The problem has been compounded by the entry of more vehicles from nearby provinces as more people want to shop in the city’s mall or simply visit places, including their relatives.

The debate on the traffic has become more relevant with the discussion on whether public utility jeepneys should be abolished or not as there is this argument that they are a big factor to the traffic congestion.

Although there is no denying that public utility vehicles are among those plying the main roads, the fact remains that, based on the data of the Land Transportation Office, their number is just about a 10th of the total number of vehicles as many of the vehicles that are usually present on the roads are private ones.

In Metro Manila, the Metro Manila Development Authority is even eyeing to prohibit drivers-only vehicles from using the Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, one of the most congested streets in the metropolis.

But what the government agencies have not considered is imposing an age limit of vehicles from the streets that even those very rickety ones are still allowed to be registered. What has aggravated the problem is that there are so many vehicles, private or otherwise, that are not registered.

To solve the traffic problem, the government needs the political will especially in weeding out those vehicles that are supposedly not allowed to be present on the road. And this is just the first step.


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