Editorial | A nurturing environment for children

THE PROTECTION of children has been the priority of the city government, further strengthened by the non- government organizations that have ensured the implementation of the Davao City Children’s Welfare Code for the past years. These organizations have promoted child’s rights and worked at providing a safe environment that will allow them to develop into law-abiding citizens.

An amendment of the present ordinance is poised to pass that will create a Special Office for Children’s Concerns. Unlike the Women’s Development Code that has an office directly under the City Mayor, the Children’s Welfare Code is implemented by an interagency group composed of child-focused NGOs and government agencies. While the group has worked remarkably well, the need to put up an office that will directly respond to children’s concerns was deemed necessary.

Proposed by Councilor Avegayle Ortiz-Omalza, the special office will “craft policies and coordinate programs for the protection of children. It will also monitor reports of abuses involving children, children-in-conflict-with-the-law, and file complaints “on cases of unlawful acts committed against children.”

It will also designate an ombudsperson for children supported by a full legal staff, who will be appointed by the mayor. The office will work as the secretariat of the existing Council for the Welfare of Children. If this proposal will pass into law, children who are abused, those who are in conflict with the law and those who are vulnerable will know where to go for help.

Creating this kind of nurturing environment will hopefully enable children to grow and become better adults.




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