EDITORIAL│Misplaced priority

THE CALL to evaluate the conditions of cockpits maybe a good move, but one cannot help but think why it’s limited to this kind of establishment as there are other structures where people converge that need to also be evaluated.

On Tuesday, a proposal was brought up before the city council to determine whether cockpits particularly in Mintal, Buhangin and Agdao have sound structures to ensure that those who frequent these places will not be put to danger.

The call came after a councilor received a piece of information about the conditions of some of these as some of them do not have sanitary permits and are not safe anymore.

Of course, cockpit arenas, some of them named as if sporting events were held, are where those who have the money to bet and addicted to this kind of gambling always converge, especially during special days.

One must say that there is nothing wrong about moneyed people going to cockpits because they bet their own money. However, it would have been better had the city council trained its eyes on establishments where the hoi polloi go to because they need to. For example, how many calls have been made for authorities to look into the soundness of some government offices which are housed in dilapidated buildings? Have there been results of these calls and have policies been crafted to ensure that the people will be safe when they go there to transact business with government?

Of course, there is nothing wrong about looking into the state of the cockpits, but it would be better if the city government first consider the state of those buildings where ordinary people go to, not to bet their hard-earned money, because of their need to transact with government.

After all, cockpits are run by private individuals so it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their clients. If they could not comply with basic requirements to run a business, what must be done is to padlock them, not waste government money to assess their conditions.

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