BLACK AND WHITE|Duterte’s Fault!

DAVAO CITY 911! Duterte’s fault! While every other major city in the Philippines used the allocated safety and security funds for “other” projects, Davao City formed 911. An emergency response system for all those living in Davao City. Not just a number but a WELL-trained and equipped team of men and women.

Typhoon Yolanda! Duterte’s fault! While the country sat in disbelief, Duterte and 911′s finest rushed to Tacloban. They cleared the way for all other agencies to enter. No fanfare! No brought to you by Duterte! Just help when it was needed most. Help to a city that was not his own with out interest of personal recognition. It was what was needed to be done!

Speed Kills! Duterte’s fault! Implements the first enforced speed limit in the country in Davao City. Road incidents casualties drop.

Drugs! Duterte’s fault! A hardliner stance of kill drug pushers and drug lords in Davao City. While in other parts of the country, prisons are run by drug lords.

Carnappers! Duterte’s fault! Little if none in Davao City. Stealing a car is not worth the risk.

Kidnapping for ransom! Duterte’s fault! A businesswoman is kidnapped in Quezon City, dragged by her kidnappers across the country to be freed in Davao while the kidnappers will never harm another person. They died in the shootout!

Dishonest taxis! Dutere’s fault! It is easy to find one anywhere else in country just not Davao City.

Human rights! Duterte’s fault! While rapists and robbers live fat and healthy in other cities in the country, they fear for their lives in Davao. What about the victims’ rights?

Smoking in public! Duterte’s fault! Going on 14 years now, the city imposes no smoking in public. Families can enjoy the fresh air unlike in other parts of the country.

Corrupt cops! Duterte’s fault! Forget trying to pay your way out of ticket. No fear of the cop robbing you.

Drunk driving! Duterte’s fault! You can’t drink and drive. If you are caught drunk driving, penalties and jail. If the cop lets you go, he joins you in jail!

President-elect! Duterte’s fault! He told you not to vote for Him! He did not run for President but he was pushed by the people! He did not solicit money to run! He even would not accept money from people who had government contracts as to not owe favors.

Refunded campaign funds! Duterte’s fault! While all the other politicians made sure they spend every peso, Duterte refunded the unspent money. Talk about setting a bad example!

Luxury vehicles! Duterte’s fault! Government workers are no longer allowed to use luxury vehicles. They are required to use modest vehicles. To live within their means as they are public servants, not the public their servants.

Expensive dinners and travel! Duterte’s fault! Fly economy and eat modest food and no more “field trips” on the taxpayers’ peso.

Transparent government! Duterte’s fault! No more hiding behind the title of “government worker.” You have to answer for your mistakes.

Death penalty! Duterte’s fault! Rapists, drug lords, pushers and others now fear for their lives as their crimes may now cost them their lives! Only the guilty should fear this!

No interviews! Duterte’s fault! When every word that comes out of his mouth is grabbed, twisted and then used to destroy him. Much better he doesn’t give the words to be used against him. Threaten to boycott but cry foul when you get your wish?

A thug! Duterte’s fault! Takes a town known as “Asia’s murder city” to now “Davao City Life is Here”

Bad image! Duterte’s fault! Speaks what the majority is already thinking. Doesn’t beat around the bush, goes through the bush eliminating any confusion. Does what he says he will do. Character.

Child abuse! Duterte’s fault! Enacts the Children’s Welfare Code of 1995. First initiative in the country aimed at empowering children aged 1 to 17, and protect them from all forms of abuse.

Drunkenness! Duterte’s fault! Bars and business establishments NOT allowed to sell liquor after 1 a.m. In fact, no public consumption from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Noise disturbance! Duterte’s fault! Anti-Nuisance Ordinance of Davao City. That means no noisy karaoke after 10 p.m.

Pesticides in the air! Duterte’s fault! Total aerial spraying ban in Davao City by ALL agricultural entities. To eliminate the occurrence of illnesses attributed to pesticides.

Loss of fingers! Duterte’s fault! Firecracker ban! Gone are the days of Christmas and New Years sounding like a war zone and the hospitals filled with maimed and injured children due to explosives.

Confess your sins! Duterte’s fault! Cussing, womanizing. Yes he does it. Does he hide it? Better to know true colors than to have false pretense. King David and King Solomon had women issues.

Population control! Duterte’s fault! He dares to recommend that you don’t have more children than you can support. Three children at most! How dare you tell me to be a responsible parent!

Love him Or hate him, He is now the incoming President of the Philippines. All the faults of the Philippines are not his! Aquino is still President until June 30.

Stop blaming the failures of a country of 101 million people to Duterte. He is not the President yet. And when June 30 comes, don’t tie his hands so that he can’t improve the Philippines.

When the country doesn’t improve, it’s NOT Duterte’s fault! It’s the fault of the nation for not making the change to become better!

Hate him? Then pray for him! Love him? Then pray for him! Love the Philippines? Then pray for it and make change happen!

God bless President Duterte and God bless the Philippines and her people.

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