Duterte to corner OFW votes in Hong Kong

ONE presidential candidate has been claiming he will win the votes of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong and for that matter all over the globe.

The other said he doesn’t need them.

Yet another wooed them early – before the start of the campaign period.

But on Sunday, along Chater Road in the central business district of Kowloon in Hong Kong, the voice reverberated through the biting and windy winter chill.


If the elections were to be decided by the votes of OFWs in Hong Kong, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will be the runaway winner – no questions asked.Rody Sniper, vice chair of Duterte Alliance in Hong Kong, said Duterte will get 80 percent of the OFW votes in the Chinese autonomous region.With close to 180,000 OFWs, Hong Kong is home to the largest concentration of overseas workers.Sniper said they have been campaigning for their families and friends back home to give Duterte the win in the election.


On Sunday, some 15,000 OFWs gathered around and along Chater Road in Kowloon District in Hong Kong to listen to actor Robin Padilla and Duterte’s youngest son Sebastian as they campaign for the candidacy of the feisty Davao City mayor.Sebastian said his father could not come because of the nationally televised debate on the same day as the event in Hong Kong.He said his father will not disappoint the Filipino people.“Kilala ko siya.  Tatay ko siya.  Gusto ko ipaabot sa inyo na naiintidihan niya kayo,” he said.

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Padilla, on the other hand, said Duterte is the last chance for the Filipino people to achieve change.

“Ako po ay nandtio para ipaliwanag sa inyo na si Mayor Duterte ang huling baraha natin,” Padilla told the wildly cheering crowd.

“I am here because Duterte is my idol,” he said insisting that he is campaigning for Duterte for free.

He took a dig at Mar Roxas who he described as “asyendero” (landlord) and called Grace Poe inexperience.

“Walang maitutulong sa mahirap ang isang asyendero, tandaan ninyo yan,” Padilla said.

Vice President Jejomar Binay did not escape Padilla’s scathing remarks who he said was a former friend.

Padilla paid tribute to the OFWs worldwide who he said contributed over $25 billion to the economy.

He urged the throng of Filipinos to vote wisely and choose Duterte in the May 9 elections.

Sebastian Duterte meanwhile urged Filipinos in Hong Kong to

Elmer Estrella, a musician who is now a permanent resident of Hong Kong, says Duterte’s strong personality is cut for the presidency.

“Isa lang ang sinasabi ko sa kapwa ko OFW.  Exhibit A: Davao,” said the Tagum City native.

Johanna Joy Lozada said many Filipinos in Hong Kong are spending their own money to buy and print t-shirts which they distribute to fellow OFWs.

“Ligaya (Diez) brought 300 t-shirts which she printed with Duterte slogans and gave them for free,” she said.

Diez is one of the hundreds of active Duterte campaigners in Hong Kong.

Jenny Gafate who hails from Antipas in North Cotabato said they want real change and said only Duterte is capable of leading a genuine change in the country.

Padilla and Sebastian Duterte were in Hong Kong Sunday upon the invitation of Global Alliance and the Duterte Alliance, the latter an aggrupation of pro-Duterte organizations in Hong Kong.

The Duterte Alliance, who invited Padilla and Duterte, is headed by Stephen Newton.

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