Duterte tells police, public: shoot attackers if ganged up

MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte advised the police and the public to fight back especially when their lives are in danger.

The chief executive issued the statement in the wake of the mauling of PO2 Ritchi Paul Calago Lozano of San Pedro Police Precinct by sons of prominent families around 1 a.m. of Oct. 31.

“I am telling everybody not only the police, when you are ganged up by four or more persons, even two or three, and you are physically overpowered, you are in danger of losing your life, when your life is in danger … and you have a gun, shoot them all,” he said.

Duterte added that incident was an insult to the authorities.  “When you are reprimanded by a peace officer regarding your disorderly conduct, and you assault the police, that is direct assault,” Duterte said.

In addition, the police officer suffered injuries which only made things worse.

“These guys are facing serious legal trouble because this a crime against public order and crime against a person,” he said.

Moreover, Vice Mayor Paolo “Polong” Duterte, in his Facebook, posted the video and ranted about the illusory privilege that they enjoy because they are sons of politicians. He also left it to the public to judge in light of the suspects’ claims that they policeman pulled a gun on them.

Meanwhile, four suspects were charged before the City Prosecution Office for mauling the policeman.

Sued for attempted murder and direct assault are Abdul Moamar Malambut Manalao, 23, of Bario Obrero; Adzmin Bueno Kumayog, 24, of San Lorenzo in Puan; and Harold Barambangan Tomawis, 21, of Parang, Maguindanao. Similar cases were also filed under regular filing against Markson Jakson Reyes, of Trading, Bucana, Brgy. 76-A.

Law enforcers, meanwhile, are preparing an obstruction of justice case to be filed against Nisreen S. Mohd Khurshid for assisting Reyes to escape.

Police records showed that Lozano asked Manalo, not to vomit at the wall of the school. But Manalo got angry  and punched him before the group ganged up on him. The suspects are now detained at Talomo Police Precinct.

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