Duterte promises relocation for residents hit by road expansion

PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte will be asking Mayor Sara Z. Duterte to give more time to residents of Purok 35, Brgy. 76-A before demolishing their homes.

Duterte, who was in the city over the weekend, said that he still needs to look for a property where at least 103 residents can be relocated. The city government will be using the property for a road expansion in the area.

“This is intended for a road,” he told the residents. “We will use it when the time comes.”

Aside from the piece of land, President Duterte said there’s a need to ensure the economic stability of the relocation site before the settlers can transfer.

“I already found a property, I don’t know if you all can be accommodated but I will relocate you there,” Duterte said, adding that he needs a year to develop the land.

Last week, the city council sought an explanation from various agencies regarding high-volume traffic that was brought about by simultaneous construction works being done on major roads here.

The city council passed a resolution asking an update from the Department of Public Works and Highways and the Davao City Water District for their construction projects.

Meanwhile, the Davao Light and Power Co. and other utilities have also been requested to fast-track the transfer of overhead wires on poles located in the middle of some road extension projects.

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