Duterte mocks Mar

Mayor angered by myth tag of Davao’s peace and order
MAYOR Rodrigo R. Duterte lashed back at former Department of Interior and Local Government secretary, Mar Roxas, who last week branded Davao City’s peace and order claims as a myth.

“I would like to ask the presidentiable, you claim to have graduated from the Wharton School of Economics. That is the myth,” Duterte said. “You are not part of a list that said you completed four or five years degree.”

Duterte said he would only believe the candidate’s credentials if he sees a photograph of Roxas with a toga and with his mother.

In branding Davao City’s claims of peace and order as a myth, Duterte said that Roxas was only castigating himself being the secretary of the DILG, which oversees police functions, and in charge of keeping the peace in the country.

“We at the local level can only tell the police where to go,” Duterte said.  “I thought you were the (secretary of the) DILG? If the crime rate of Davao City is indeed very high last year, then why didn’t you reprimand the DCPO?”

“Mayors do not have the jurisdiction to command them, all we can do is support them.”

“If those are the statistics you received, you were either treated as a fool by the police, or you were considered insignificant as thrash,” he added.

Duterte also challenged the candidate to survey Camp Crame to ask whether they would support him or Roxas. If Roxas wins, Duterte said he would withdraw from the elections and campaign for Roxas instead.

The mayor and the administration bet really had a falling out, when Duterte accused Roxas camp of resorting to dirty tactics by spreading the false information that he had throat cancer.

Prior to the incident, the two had been spotted together during the Roxas’s visits in the city. In one visit, Roxas even told reporters that the citizens were lucky because Davao was a safe area.

However, things changed last year when all of a sudden, Roxas dropped by the city to say that there was a “undetermined terror threat” in Davao City.

Davao, which is surrounded outside its borders by default by the New People’s Army, and rebel groups like the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Moro National Liberation Front, remained safe despite Roxas’ pronouncement.

Business leaders here chastised Roxas for making the statement, calling the action “unnecessary” and suspected politics as the reason behind it.

Roxas, in a Manila appearance, claimed that Davao City was not at all safe and instead had one of the highest recorded crimes in the country, next to Quezon City and Manila in the National Capital Region and Zamboanga.

The Davao City Police Office, however, debunked the claim of their commander, saying that only 36% of the 18,119, or 6,548, crimes Roxas cited were crimes against persons or properties.

The other 64% or 11,571, were non-index crimes, or which resulted in operations initiated by the police, such as those against drugs as well as other special laws.

But in its Facebook page, however, the police office said that of the total crime volume in 2014, only 6,548 are considered as index crime, or those committed against person and properties.

“The remaining 11,571 (64%) is attributed to non index crimes, these are police initiated operations that yielded positive results especially on anti-drugs/ special laws and city ordinances,” it said. “It only shows that the Officers and men of Davao’s finest is doing its best to really curb-out criminality in the city.”