DTI monitors sub-standard Christmas lights

THE DEPARTMENT of Trade and Industry (DTI) is monitoring the market to prevent the selling of non-certified Christmas lights.

 Maria Belenda Q. Ambi, regional director of DTI XI, said this is to prevent the spread of non-certified products which could be unsafe for the consumers. As of October, she said the establishments were compliant, selling products that have International Code Council certifications.

 “It is best that the consumers should buy ICC-certified Christmas lights,” Ambi said.

 In a statement, DTI said it “regulates the sale of Christmas lights in the local market to protect consumers from the hazards posed by substandard products such as electric shock and overheating that often lead to fire, property damages and even loss of lives.”

 “Only those whose products have successfully complied with the requirements based on the Philippine National Standard on Christmas lights (PNS 189:2000) are appropriately issued with the ICC Certificate and are allowed to affix the ICC stickers on their products or product packages,” DTI added.

 The agency is also monitoring the price of Noche Buena products.

 As of last month, the price of the products already increased by P10. Those products include ham and queso de bola.

 The DTI XI, based on its latest monitoring, reported that the establishments remained compliant on setting the suggested retail price on the products.

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