Drinking challenge

Councilors dare DCWD execs to drink Cabantian water
IRATE CITY council members yesterday challenged officials of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) to drink the “discolored” water in Barangay Cabantian and neighboring areas in Buhangin District.

A DCWD official instantly accepted the challenge, insisting the water is clean and safe to drink.

In yesterday’s regular session, Council Majority Floor Leader Bernard Al-ag issued the challenge to the DCWD after receiving reports that the residents were questioning the quality of the water supplied to the area.

Al-Ag’s challenge was backed-up by Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, who presided over the session, and Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang from the second district where Cabantian is located.

Councilor Mary Joselle Villafuerte, a physician who heads the council’s health committee, also asked the DCWD if they could get more water samples in the affected areas for their test to confirm if the water is indeed safe for human consumption.

DCWD spokesperson Bernard Delima said the city councilors are welcome to watch DCWD board members and other officials of the quasi-government corporation in the public drinking of the Cabantian water supply to allay fears of contamination.

Delima said the DCWD will schedule the event.

According to the spokesperson, there is nothing to fear on the discolored water. He maintained the slightly yellowish water is safe to drink.

The water is slightly yellowish, he said, because the Cabantian source has a limestone rock formation.

“When the water goes down, it will pass the limestone. It will bring iron and manganese to the aquifer. So when we get the water in the aquifer, there is the presence of iron and manganese, hence the yellowish color,” Delima said.

The DCWD said the water in the second district passed through filtration methods that are within the standards.

Delima said they already took 18 samples from the different areas in Cabantian for the water examination and those were all clear. He said the maximum for water sampling is only three, but they tested 18.