Driftech’s Sia steals show in Streak Power Auto 2015

BEST Car Presentation-Honda Fit Club Davao

TEAM Driftech Davao’s Karl Sia who paraded his Honda Jazz bagged most honors at the close of the Streak Power Automobile Show held last weekend at the Victroria Plaza Parking grounds.

Sia’s Honda Jazz won Best of Show, Best in Body Kits, Best Sub-Compact Car, Best Honda entry and Best in Car Entertainment honors to cap the two-day show and awarded by Mike San Juan along with judges from the Daily Driven Group  and Streak Power overall chairman Jonathan Chiao.

Best of Show - Karl Sia - Copy

BEST of Show – Karl Sia

Joining Sia is team DND Audio who also had two awards in the honor roll. DND Audio brought home the Best Car Club award and the Best Audio Shop award. Also making it at the winner’s podium are   Honda Fit Club Davao (Best Car Presentation), Magkids Autozone (Best Shop).

Sound Off Package Category Champion - Buddy Pimentel - Copy

SOUND Off Package Category Champion – Buddy Pimentel

Individual winners saw Ytzen Troy Salutillo – Hyundai (Best Detailed Car, Best Interior, Best Hyundai, Best Audio Video Trunk Display), Bernie Manalo – Mitsubishi Lancer/World Wide Lancer Club (2nd Best Compact Car), Philidor Vosotros – Misubishi GSR/World Wide Lancer Club (Best Daily Driven Car), Stephen Baptista – Mitsubishi SL/World Wide Lancer Club (Best Asian Car), Richard Birondo – Suzuki Vitara (Best in Stock Engine Display, Best Crossover, Best Suzuki, 2nd Best in Car- Entertainment, 2nd Best Detailed Car), Manexe Tubog – Toyota Hilux/Wheels and Bits (Best in Lighting Display/2nd Best Pick-Up), Erik John Dioso – Honda Fit/HFCD (Best Slammed Car, Best Lowest Ride w/o Support), Adrian Go – Honda Fit/HFCD (2nd Best Millennium Car), Kim Christopher Diente – Toyota BB/BB Kings (Best BB, 2nd Best Crossover), Alex Aldwin – Honda Fit/HFCD (2nd Best in Engine Display), Ezren De Guzman – Honda Fit/HFCD (Best Millenium Car), Dennis Isidor – Kia Pride/Kia Pride Club (2nd Best Kia), Mark Anthony Libang – Kia Pride/Kia Pride Club (2nd Best Daily Driven Car), Toto Asuelo – Kia Pride/Kia Pride Club (2nd Best Asian Car), RC Amisola – Nissan Silva/Team DND ( Best in Graphics, Best 2 Door, Best Nissan, Loudest Engine Roar, 2nd Best Engine Modification, 2nd Best Body Kits), Michael Edralin – Nissan/Team DND (2nd Best Sedan), Jonas Titong – Honda Fit/Bushido (2nd Best Sub Compact, 2nd Best Honda, 2nd Best Audio Video  Trunk Display), Alfie Jonsay – Nissan GTR/Bushido (2nd Loudest Engine Roar, 2nd Best 2 Door, 2nd Best Nissan), Neil Anthony Dumandan – Honda/Team DND (Best EG), Aniano Gador – Ford SUV/Team DND (Best SUV, Best Ford, 2nd Best in Murals), Glen Mark Cailanta – Kia Pride/Team DND (Best Kia), Miniong Lim – Hyundai/Team DND (Best in Murals, 2nd Best in Graphics, 2nd Best Hyundai), Keneth Cayetano – Mercedez Benz/Autozone (Best in Stock, Best Old School Entry, Best European Car), Dave Agonia – Toyota/Q-Sound (Best Toyota, Best Hatch), Michael Gemoni – Toyota/Team DND (Best VIP Car), Adrian Go – Toyota/Team DND (2nd Best in Stock Engine Display, 2nd Best Hatch), Adrian Go – Mitsubishi/Team DND (Best Mitsubishi, 2nd Contemporary Car), Jonald Magkidong – Honda Civic/Magkids Autozone (Best Contemporay Ca, Best EK), Palil Dimarz – Toyota/Magkids Autozone (Best in Engine Bay Display, Best in Engine Modification, Best Sedan), Jimofel Geron – Honda Civic/Magkids Autozone (2nd Best EK), Marvin Tejano – Honda Civic/Magkids Autozone (2nd Best EG), Poypoy Lam – Honda City/Magkids Autozone (Best in Matte Paint), Adrian Go – Honda City/Team DND (Best Compact Car) and Buddy Pimentel – Toyota Hilux/25Z Autowerks (Best Off Road Vehicle, Best Pick Up, 2nd Best in Lighting, 2nd Best Toyotamy iPhone).

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