DOH: 600 chicken cullers to be freed from quarantine Sept. 3

THE HOME QUARANTINE for the 600 cullers in Pampanga to prevent the spread of avian flu is scheduled to last until Sept. 3.

 Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial, in an interview in Davao City, said they tested 39 who exhibited flu-like symptoms but cleared of the virus.

 Meanwhile, she assured the public there’s no longer any cause for fear as the government now considers the disease isolated for poultry.

 “The DA has declared it as stamped out or controlled,” Ubial said.  “In the first place, this is a bird disease. There’s no case of transmission to humans.”

 Ubial said the DOH is closely monitoring the cullers, a majority of whom were soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  “We monitored them as to the development of signs and symptoms after the last day of culling, which was Aug. 24,” she said.

 Health workers are monitoring the cullers for the development of signs and symptoms connected with Avian Flu.  Some of the cullers were farmers.

 Culling is the term used by poultry operators to describe hatched poultry that is no longer useful because of factors such as a disease outbreak.

 Ubial was among the guest of honors at a patients’ forum held in Apo View Hotel on Wednesday.

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