Digital marketing pushed

Organizers of Ureka Forum, a one-day event pushing for electronic commerce, are urging enterprises to capitalize on digital use.

Genaro Lapez, lead convenor of Ureka Forum and executive vice president of UnionBank, said yesterday in its press conference at Seda Hotel that it is high time that the enterprises will be engaged into e-commerce.

Once they have set up their websites, Lapez said businesses can easily promote their products and attract clients locally and even globally. Amid this advantage, he said there were, however, only few who have capitalized on digital use.

In the country, organizers of Ureka said in a statement that only one percent out of about 937,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as of 2014 according to Google’s Global 2014 Global Index Study.

“This being the case, it is only fitting to help SMEs grow beyond their own physical borders, and what better way to do it than by advocating technology and e-commerce to be integral parts of their respective blueprints,” the organizers of the forum said.

To encourage MSMEs to engage in e-commerce, the UnionBank and its partners will conduct Ureka Forum on July 23 at SMX Davao Convention Center. Early bird registrants have to pay P400 while walk-in registrants would provide P600.

Those who will register will also gain a free website, which would be developed by the organizers of Ureka Forum.

“By doing this, we hope to eliminate the need to uphold the ‘middleman’ model, while also enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the virtues of fair trade and giving back,” Lapez said.

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