Deworming on July 29 ended without incident

THE CITY Health Office said there were no reports of children getting seriously sick after being administered deworming medicines last July 29.

Staff from the nutrition division of the CHO said apart from the expected nausea some children might experience, the scale was not like the one experienced in Zamboanga peninsula, which were blamed on the deworming medicine.

A report on GMA’s website said more than a hundred school-age children were taken to hospitals in different cities there. The Department of Health has advised students and parents to take their neals prior to the deworming.

The medicine essentially ‘dissolves’ common intestinal parasites that make host of the human body such as tapeworms or roundworms which can be found in children who don’t practice proper hygiene or those who walk around barefoot.

In Davao city, a total of 195,157 children were administered the tablets with the highest number coming from Buhangin area at 21,118. The total presents 89. 9% of the total target in the city which was at 216, 857.

The CHO said this was because some children in the visited areas were already up to date on their deworming, or others were too malnourished to take the medicine that they had to be referred to nutritionists first.

About 800,000 public school students in the region were targeted by the DOH. The bi-annual deworming is a joint partnership of the DOH and Department of Education, wherein students are also educated on proper hygiene and sanitation against parasites that enter the human body.

“These parasites can then cause anemia in children, malnutrition, and other more serious illnesses,” said Gracita Berguia, director of DOH-XI Integrated Helminth Control Program.

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