DepEd looking for new teachers to fill up shortage

THE DEPARTMENT of Education has opened 372 new items to address the shortage of teachers in public schools in the city.

Teresita Del Valle, chief of DepEd’s School Governance and Operations Division, said in a media interview that, “The city is quite short in the number of the teachers employed in the public elementary and secondary schools.”

The small number of teachers in the public schools, she said, is due to the opening of the two additional years in high school. The new items given are intended for kinder, elementary and junior high schools.

Del Valle also added that the new teachers have been given, and will be provided with, teaching specialization training to cope with the new school curriculum in both elementary and secondary schools.

Every year, there are educational training workshops funded by the Department of Education for new teachers prior to their deployment in the field. The DepEd is also tapping stakeholders to enhance the different trainings.

On the other hand, Del Valle said there is an increase in the number of students coming from private schools to public schools, which has now become a trend in DepEd data every year.

Accordingly, the number of students in one section in a public school is larger compared to private schools. One factor of the increase is the high price of private education.

It was also announced that there are about 52 newly constructed public schools in the different districts in the city that will open during the resumption of classes on June 5. These will serve as annex buildings to accommodate the growing student populations.

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