Dengue cases decrease from January to August 2017: CHO

THE NUMBER of dengue cases plunged 56% from January to August in 2017 compared to the same period last year.

Based on the record from the City Health’s Office Tropical and Diseases Division, there were 1,403 incidents for the first eight months of the year against the 3,201 last year.

In August 2016 alone, they recorded 408 cases of dengue. Last month, the number plummeted to 185 cases. From January to December last year, the office has recorded 4,710 cases.

Elizabeth B. Banzon, head of Tropical Disease and Control Division, attributed the decrease to their education campaign and coordination with the barangay functionaries to implement the 3 o’clock habit.

“We are in continuous conduct of massive and intensified information on the health education campaign especially on the mosquitoes causing dengue, malaria and even JE,” Banzon said. “Our communities had also helped us and the schools and we create a barangay dengue task Force as they also conducted clean up drive and household surveillance.”

Banzon also said the household surveillance contributed the most to the reduction of the dengue cases.

“We had visited on the hot spot areas and every month there are 100 houses that are being inspected thru “Operation Kulob/ Taklob and Yabo” that we had exerted effort that will be continue thoroughly in the community,” she further said.

The office also urged the community to intensify their search and destroy measures, both the household and establishments including schools. They are conducting search and destroy method in all breeding sites and ask to seek early medical consultation.

“So we have already free dengue NS1 to all main health centers and even CHO main laboratory that could easily detect our dengue virus,” she said adding that at least within two days of fever you can refer the patients to so that it can already prevented.

They have available orisols for dehydration available in health centers. “It also decreases because the cooperation is there and we have conducted larvae siding so you can report immediately those stagnant waters that are not drained,” she said.

All schools are also told to implement preventive measures and fogging, and if there are any reported cases. They have been distributing also insect repellents and chemically treated mosquito nets especially in communities in Paquibato and Marilog.

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