Dead ‘gunman’ still being charged on lawyer’s death

THE INDICTMENT against the suspect in the murder of lawyer Emmanuel Acuña remains on docket in the courts despite being gunned down on March 20.

Rey Lauron and his unidentified cohort were indicted by the City Prosecution Office on March 6.

Lauron was killed by an unidentified gunman while he was on his way home to Ortiga Village, Bangkal on March 20.

A staff of the Office of the Clerk of Court told TIMES that the case could not be dropped without the police filing the official documents.

Chief Insp. Paulino Zaulda Jr., Sasa Police Precinct station commander, said they still have to procure the death certificate of Lauron to be endorsed to the court.

Prosecutor Samuel Atencia, in his resolution, found the probable cause to charge them based on the complaint of Rolando and Teresa Acuña, the victim’s relatives and the accounts of the witness Oscar Sanz.

Based on the sworn statement of Sanz, he saw Lauron across the street before Acuña was killed. After he heard the gunshots, he saw Lauron tucking a handgun on his waist before he escaped on board a pick-up truck driven by an unidentified man.

Acuña was shot at a BPI parking lot near SM Lanang Premier on May 30, 2014 and died at Davao Doctor’s Hospital.

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