DCWD to implement increase in service fees

THE DAVAO City Water District (DCWD) will increase fees on meter maintenance, new service connection, reconnection, transfer meter and service charge beginning next month as part of the company’s mandate to improve its services.

DCWD spokesperson Bernardo Delima said yesterday in Wednesdays @ Habi at Kape in Abreeza Mall that the new fees would reflect on the billing by August, especially those with new service connections or reconnections.

The existing consumers, Delima said, will have to pay the meter maintenance charge per month.

He said they needed to impose a hike on their various fees as the cost of setting up a connection cluster including the excavation cost, for instance, now amounted to P24,000.  Each cluster can have six connections.

The fees vary depending on the size of the water connection.

For a one-half inch water connection, for instance, the meter maintenance charge will be from P21 while the new service connection would cost to P3,900 from P3,000  and reconnection fee would be P300 from P200. The charge for transfer meter of a one-half inch water connection will be P1,600 from P1,500.

The service charge for shut-off order, especially for the consumers that received a yellow bill who are endanger of possible disconnection, would increase to P50 from P25. The new fees are pursuant to DCWD Board Resolution No. 16-123.

Delima said they will also set up a new water meter for reconnection that can be easily dismounted. “This is to prevent from having illegal water connections,” he said, as they would dismount the water meter in case the consumer is delinquent.

At present, DCWD has recorded 220,000 water connections, which increased from last year at 198,000. The water district observed that there are about 2,000 new water connections per month.

By 2019, Delima said the water demand will increase to 117.265 million cubic meters from the current at about 104 million cubic meters. “We are currently looking for other possible water sources so we could meet the demand,” he said.

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