DCPO: ‘Salvaging’ tag still speculative

On June 4, an unidentified man wearing a black with “I Love Davao” print and blue checkered short pants was allegedly arrested for allegedly stealing a pair of short pants from a policeman in Phase 2, SIR Matina, Barangay Bucana, Talomo District. A netizen posted photos of the incident, including the suspect, on Facebook.

Twelve days later – on June 16, a Saturday, a body of the man wearing a black with “I Love Davao” print and blue checkered short pants, was washed along the shoreline of Cleanergy Park, Punta Dumalag Beach, Barangay Matina Aplaya, Talomo District. The victim’s head, hands, and legs were wrapped with packing tape and his body was tied with nylon rope.

But the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) said the connection between the “arrested” man and the man found dead is still speculative. Police said it is also too early to speculate that it is a case of “salvaging” (summary execution).

DCPO spokesperson, Sr. Insp Maria Teresita Gaspan, said they could not positively point that the man on the June 4 Facebook post was the same man who was found lifeless at the Dumalag shore despite the similarity of the worn apparel.

Gaspan said the man found at Dumalag is still unidentified, and so it is the man reported to have been arrested for stealing a pair of short pants.

The body, now at Angel funeral parlor, has not been claimed, Gaspan said.

“We are still waiting for the family to claim it,” Gaspan said.

She said no one has reported to the police any case of missing person.

The man in the SIR Matina case, per the Facebook post, was said to be from Midsayap in North Cotabato. Gaspan also revealed that there was also no report from the Talomo Police Precinct regarding the reported June 4 arrest at SIR Matina.

Gaspan said they will look into the social media post regarding the SIR Matina incident for any possibility that could identify the victim and the suspect/s.

“We have traced that the Talomo Police Precinct has no record so we are just looking into those who posted in the social media because maybe they might have personal knowledge so that we can trace the identity of the victim (and the suspect/s),” Gaspan added.

On the evening of June 4, a photo of a man who was allegedly arrested for stealing a pair of short pants from a policeman in SIR Matina circulated online.

On Saturday at 1:50 p.m., two residents discovered the body at the Cleanergy Park.

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