DCOTT hostel opens soon after water tank is installed

THE CHIEF of the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) is only waiting for the installation  of a water tank for its 60-bed hostel to start operations.In an interview at the sidelines of Monday’s Kapehan sa SM, Alejandro Alilin, DCOTT supervising transportation regulation officer, said that stranded passengers have been sleeping on folding beds which they rent from the terminal for P5 each.

The hostel, Alilin said, would help lessen the eyesore with its 60 bunk beds, along with basic facilities like segregated toilets.

The project is located near the passenger’s lounge, within the DCOTT’s 1.7 hectare property.

According to Alilin, the DCOTT serves around 15,000 to 25,000 passengers on average every day, reaching up to 60,000 passengers during peak seasons like Undas and Christmas holidays.

The terminal also serves around 650 to 600 trips average daily, reaching up to 1,200 during peak seasons.

Around 20 bus companies use the terminal, with bus trips heading north and south of Mindanao.

He said that among the most passengers are buses bound for Cagayan de Oro, Marbel and General Santos City.

For now, stranded passengers either wait for the next buses to arrive while sitting on designated benches in the area or sleep on folding beds for rent.

According to a copy of the DCOTT’s income as of October, the city earned P17,425 from folding bed rentals alone, with around P148,731 being collected from January to October 2014.

Folding bed rentals make a killing during peak seasons, according to Alilin.

During the Undas holidays from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, for example, the number of buses available to transport passengers to General Santos and Marbel fell short.

Asked if the terminal needs more buses to accommodate more passengers, Alilin said the vans are already taking care of any bus shortage in the terminal.

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