Dabawenyo turns over endemic snake to Croc Park

THE CROCODILE Park here has rescued a snake that can only be found in the Philippines following a report from a netizen who found the reptile.

Borj Borja, one of the park keepers at the Croc Park, identified the snake as a Dryophiops philippina, also known as the keel-bellied whipsnake.

The rear-fanged colubrid snake is non-venomous.

The turnover of the animal happened after Facebook user Melj Batoon Villanueva asked members of the city’s Public Information and Inquiry page for leads on where to send the animal.

The snake was then turned over to the animal control unit of Central 911 and then to the Crocodile Park.

According to Borja, Central 911 and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) assisted in the turnover.

The snake was reportedly weak and dehydrated.

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