Davao, model city for clean air

MAYOR SARA Duterte will be declared Clean Air Champion by non-profit organization Clean Air Philippines, an official from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said.

Speaking at Monday’s Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM Annex, Melvin Dapitanon of DENR’s Environmental Management Bureau said Mayor Duterte’s conferment would coincide with the awarding of the city as a model city for clean air.

Dapitanon is the focal person of DENR’s “airshed”, among the many focus areas of the environmental agency.

Airsheds, according to the Clean Air Act, are divisions established by the DENR based on “similar climate, meteorology, and topology.”

 Since 2013, the city has enjoyed a rating of “good” to “fair” air quality every year, Dapitanon said.

The rating is based on the metrics established by the Clean Air Act, or Republic Act 8749.

 In the city, the EMB maintains four manual stations and two real time monitoring stations.

The manual stations are located in V. Mapa Street in downtown area, Barangay Toril, Barangay Maa and Barangay Ilang. The two real time monitoring stations are located at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport.

 The Clean Air Act establishes a certain threshold for urbanized cities, with the city still below the “fair” amount of air quality.

 In 2015, haze from Indonesia made its way to Davao City’s airshed and covered the city in a thick amount of fog for at least a week.

  “At that moment, the city’s air quality was at the threshold of the ‘fair’ air quality,” Dapitanon said.

November is Clean Air Month.

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