Davao Light gives tips for a safe kite flying

SUMMER is just around the corner and one fun way to enjoy a bright sunny day is by flying a kite. But did you know that, a simple kite flying can also become a nightmare?

In Davao Light and Power Company, kite flying is one of the major causes of unscheduled power interruptions. Aside from this, kite flying causes electrical hazards.

These are some safety precautions that you can follow to avoid danger and prevent any power outage incidents when flying kites.

1. Never fly near power lines! When flying kites, stay away from any electric installation and overhead power line. Instead, go to an open field where your kite can freely fly and won’t get caught by any obstructions like cable lines and electric posts.

2. Do not touch the lines or the kite. In cases where you are careless enough to get your kite caught in a power line, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, it might be the death of you! Power lines carry over thousands of volts and the electricity can flow easily to your kite lines. So when your kite get stuck in a power line, let go of it and move away. Contact Davao Light immediately and secure that nobody comes near the area.

3. Never use metallic flying lines. For safety purposes, avoid using metallic strings for your kites because metallic with a live overhead power lines, it causes tripping. Thus, power disruption happens.

Before having fun under the sun, always be aware of your surroundings to avoid any unforeseen incidents. Seize the day and kite safely and responsibly!

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