Davao City celebrates 8th beef sharing festival

The Turkish people on Tuesday celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice known as Kurban Bayram, in commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son Isaac, at the Rizal Park.

During the festival, cows were slaughtered and its meat shared with the poor.
The ICAD Foundation, in cooperation with the city government, celebrated the 8th beef sharing festival last Tuesday at the Rizal Park. People from all over Davao gathered there to take part in the festivities, discover and taste Turkish delicacies, and learn to make peace with other cultures.
On that day, people also received two kilos of beef each for free.
According to Mustafa Gun, one of the organizers and head coordinator of the event, the festival was inspired by the story of Abraham’s act of faith.
He believed that God’s people should also learn to have an act of sacrifice for others. This is also one way for the foundation to share their blessings for the people of Davao who embraced them.
Zeynep Tulip Gun, the wife of Mustafa Gun, said it’s also an opportunity for them to share the rich Turkish culture.
“It is our eighth year of celebrating this festival in Davao. We are really glad that we are able to share our blessings here in the community and I wish that we can continue to do these things in the years to come,” she said.

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