Dads in training for paperless sessions

CITY legislators are set to undergo training for the implementation of the paperless session of the local council.Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag told reporters that all councilors, especially those who are not techies, need to be taught on the new system.

“Not all councilors have undergone the training,” Al-ag said.

The Davao City Information and Technology Center (CITC) is coordinating with the city council on the training.

The paperless session, which aims to reduce the papers used in the City Council by 80%, was supposed to be implemented last March.

Al-ag said all 26 councilors, including the two newly appointed legislators, were each given a laptop.

The vice mayor and the council secretary also got one each.

The councilors, the vice-mayor and the secretary will use the laptop during the regular plenary sessions.

Instead of browsing voluminous piles of paper, the council members now can easily view documents with ease.

Al-ag did not elaborate on the technicality of the “paperless session,” particularly in the distribution of electronic copy of documents, but he said that all the agenda and attachments will be downloaded to their laptops.

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