Culture-based tourism pushed

THE CITY Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) is in talks with the tribal leaders from emerging tourist destinations for the promotion of culture-based destinations.

The idea is for tourists to be brought into the communities in the city’s hinterlands to get a feel of what it is like for the indigenous peoples who live here.

CTOO head Regina Rosa Tecson said that the city government is currently speaking with community and tribal leaders from Datu Salumay in Brgy. Marilog, and Sitio Sicao in Brgy. Tamayong.

“We want to talk to them first to hear what they have to say about the project in their community,” Tecson said.

Both destinations are pushing for an immersive cultural experience that the local government is pushing for its tourism program.

Tecson said the city government is gathering the ideas of the community leaders to find the needs and suggest activities for visitors.

Sitio Sicao in Tamayong is along the way towards Mt. Apo using the Talomo Trail.

Datu Salumay is reachable by a short two to three-hour drive from the downtown area.

Sicao, meanwhile, involves a hike, and is being designed for the more adventurous visitors.

Meanwhile, Tecson cautioned emerging destinations providing agricultural tourism activities to register and coordinate with the local government.

She made the statement after she received reports that there were destinations that offered farm-type activities in areas like Marilog but were not registered with the local government.

According to Tecson, this was not encouraged, as the businesses may not only be unregistered but could endanger visitors in terms of security and safety.

The city government could even assist in inviting visitors to registered areas.

Last year, the CTOO was alarmed about reports that there was a tourism destination in the city offering canyoneering.

Tecson insisted that these activities should be inspected first and go through proper business permitting requirements.

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