CULTURAL POTPOURRI| Trendy Apparel for Summer @ Chimes

IT WAS truly an afternoon of “Summer Delight and Luxury Shopping” at Chimes Boutique last March 11, 2017. “We at Chimes welcome the season with pieces that will make you dream of whimsical hues and luscious foliage; and usher in a color-happy shopping experience where you are sure to find all of the season’s essentials which are showcased at Chimes Boutique’s Spring/Summer Trunk Show 2017,” enticed the former model and presently Chimes’ charming Business Head from Manila, Ia Alano-Vergel de Dios, who was dressed in a Betty Boopish outfit before she changed into a floral one thus transforming herself into a lovely girl from Waikiki. On hand to personally welcome the most valued clients of Chimes were the Yap entrepreneurial siblings namely Cindy, Camille and Clark who were assisted by the ever charming Chimes Manager, Renren Villena.


DAVAO’S young entrepreneurs(l-r): Camille, Cindy and Clark Yap with Chimes GM Renren Villena

     “The spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear collections under the labels of Maurin Disini, Jeffrey Rogador, Florence Fling, Canvas, Sapph Netherlands, plus fashion accessories from Heart and Bolt, Joyce Orena, Julianne Candice, Linda Farrow, not to fail to mention the fragrance from Soleil et Lune, are what I am excited about to show the VIPs and highly valued clients of Chimes,” said Chimes CEO, Cindy Yap, as she thanked the guests for attending Chimes’ Spring/Summer 2017 fashion presentation ala Broadway.

     Despite their busy business schedules in Manila, Maureen Disini, Tessa Nieto-Villalon, Jeffrey Rogador plus the participation of the well-loved Joyce Orena made their appearance truly felt in Davao. These talented and entrepreneurial businesswomen/artists made their presence felt coming all the way from busy Manila.

     Maureen Disini is known for making classic clothes women could use everyday for any season. “My pieces are simply timeless. I source my varied fabrics from all over the world; and see to it that my materials are comfortable and breathable for both my clients’ comfort and their children’s,” so revealed Disini. Soft and cozy fashion has been the Disini aesthetic in the country. As she caters to Makati’s perfumed society, Disini designs clothes ranging from the forgiving caftans to figure-flattering ones that are classy and sexy. The Disini collection showed at the Chimes’ fashion show was all about elegance equally matched with fine taste.

     Another gorgeous model turned fashion designer is Tessa Nieto-Villalon. “My brand, Florence Fling, is all about minimalism. I sell my ready-to-wear online and I have a devoted following online,” Tessa informed as she added, “I come up with new designs every few weeks. It’s the people I sell clothes to online who give me my much awaited feed backs including information on the market I target.” Villalon’s closet staples include tops, dresses, short pants, blouses, jackets and pants.

Then there is the UST Fine Arts graduate, Jeffry Rogador, who is quite well known for his neoprene outfits with Manila’s streets’ names (like those on jeepneys) printed on them. “I also did Jolina Magdangal’s colorful fashion which she capitalized on and was quite a hit during those days in the 1980s,” he revealed. Rogador’s fashion is all about urban sporty designs as he reasoned, “Filipinos are now enlightened on Health, Wellness and Sports that these have become art of their daily lives. My sporty outfits are light and comfortable and suitable to our country’s hot weather. They enable your body to breathe when you wear them for whatever sports you indulge in. I go for sports staples like pull overs, jackets, sweaters, jogging pants and short pants that you could mix and match.”

Then there’s the head turner of a fashion accessories designer/image consultant/fashion and lifestyle writer named Joyce Orena. Joyce founded, designs and owns the JO fashion jewelry (since 2002) after she retired from the runways as Manila designers’ favorite mannequin of the 1990s. Every piece of Joyce’s fashion jewelry is unique and creatively designed. Either you have Joyce customize it for you or you can assemble the pieces by yourself to fit your style and personality. Joyce uses materials from expensive fabrics to metals which she gets from various countries. She has lots of charms you can add to your JO necklace or bracelet whenever you feel like it. Love those colorful Colombian pompoms on your sandals, Joyce.

“People come to Chimes for things that are different and interesting; for key pieces from designers like Tessa Villalon of Florence Fling, Maureen Disini, Jeffrey Rogador and Canvas. We are fortunate that our roster of brands keep on growing,” quipped Cindy Yap who is also the EVP for the Felcris Group of Companies.

It was a treat for Davao’s well-heeled fashionistas who were treated to personalized styling by the fashion designers themselves. Then of course, the designers showcased their brightly hued collection with pieces from Canvas, Florence Fling, Jeffrey Rogador and Maureen Disini and accessories from JO, Heart and Bolt and those gorgeous and expensive Linda Farrow eyewear from the UK. The models who did the catwalk came from Davao’s Glam Model Agency.

Guests were then treated to snacks of delicious Thai cuisine from the Crazy Cook’s kitchen.

Thank you, Cindy, Camille and Clark Yap and Renren Villena for inviting me. Thank you, Chimes, for the fashion update.

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