CULTURAL POTPOURRI| The Natural Wonders of Mindanao

THE ALCANTARA Group produced a beautiful calendar for the New Year 2016 featuring the Natural Wonders of Mindanao.  Indeed, the amazing natural marvels and blessings of Mindanao, the country’s Promised Land, is what makes Mindanao a true adventure for nature lovers and adventurer seekers.

     As the Alcantara Group claims, “Mindanao conjures images of lush rain forests, white sand beaches, roaring waterfalls, lofty mountain peaks, high rolling plateaus and swampy plains.”


TINAGO Falls (Lanao del Norte)

This paradise is truly a smorgasboard for the senses. Mindanao conveys a mosaic of images of mystery and excitement being home to several ethno-linguistic groups of people thus making it the most culturally diverse island in the Philippines.  Mindanao is truly an endless road you would want to keep on travelling on a breathtaking journey.


HINATUAN River (Surigao del Sur)

The Alcantara Group is proud to call Mindanao its home.  Armed with 50 mighty years of pioneering spirit, the Alcantara Group, through hard work, perseverance and determination against all odds, has greatly contributed in making Mindanao a viable economic force in the country.


ASIK-ASIK Falls (North Cotabato)

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