CULTURAL POTPOURRI| The ICONS of the Locsin Dance Workshop

A MOST special event happening this festive month of August is the celebration of the  70th Anniversary of the Locsin Dance Workshop (LDW).  Oh yes, the LDW is considered the oldest existing dance institution in the country; and it was proudly established in Davao City by the Datu Bago Awardee for Dance, maestra Carmen Dakudao Locsin.

DANCE maestra Carmen Dakudao-Locsin with daughters, Bing and Agnes Locsin

DANCE maestra Carmen Dakudao-Locsin with daughters, Bing and Agnes Locsin

 The Locsin Dance Workshop (LDW), presently under the able guidance and direction of dance maestras Bing and Agnes Locsin, celebrates its 70th Anniversary with “Icons,” a three-pronged exhibition of LDW’s fondest memories of the people, dances, events, and even objects that have influenced, moved, and inspired its students in all the years of its existence as well as in its students’ lives.

 The gala concert, on August 4 & 5, will showcase LDW’s most popular recital dances to be performed by its current advance and not so advance students along with LDW Alumni from all over the country and abroad, who will come to specifically perform in this memorable occasion. Led by Sonny Locsin, the other performers are Kris-Belle Paclibar Mamangun, Biag Gaongen, Alma Masamayor-Brigole, Jun Masamayor, Gaye Galiluyo, Georgette Sanchez, Sarah Anne Alejandro, and many more.  Special guests are Nonie Buencamino, who has hosted many of LDW’s recitals and concerts, and Joey Ayala, a non-Alumnus but whose songs have been a constant in many dances performed by LDW students.  Well then that makes Nonie and Joey honorary LDW alumni as proclaimed by dance maestra Agnes Locsin.

 Not to be outdone, the Davao based Locsin Dance Alumni, are performing at the ”Alumni Night” on August 6 at the LOCSIN-Quirino. And there will so many more joining this final celebration of dance at the home ground of Locsin Dance.  Also performing are the dance groups that have been formed by the Locsin maestras like Kathara, Kalumon, the Ateneo Dance League, The Terpsichoreans, and the LCB Performing Arts.

 A Memorabilia Exhibit, to open on August 3, will surround the Alumni Night performance.  Dance photos, paintings, silver shoes, the old piano, picture albums, videos, and many more will be displayed for all to view as the dancers (past and present), reminisce the glory days of their dancing years.  Seventy years of memories for so many who have danced at the studios of the Locsin Dance Workshop is a worthy experience to re-experience.

 To quote Bing and Agnes Locsin in their message in the coming GALA program:

“The celebration is our way of thanking the past and present LDW students for their love of dance, and the Dabawenyos for their untiring enthusiasm for dance. It is also our way of expressing our gratitude for still being alive all these years to help continue Mommy’s legacy. And, finally, it is our way of affirming our love and appreciation for all that Mommy had done in founding this dance school and keeping it on its feet.”

 Join us in this sentimental journey as we celebrate the Locsin Dance Workshop’s 70th Anniversary with ICONS (Exhibit, Gala, and Alumni Night) on August 3-6, 2017.  As always, for more information and reservations, call 2274753 or 2241765, or text 09169095099 / 0822844100; or email., or visit Locsin Dance Workshop on facebook.

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