CULTURAL POTPOURRI| Southern Philippines Medical Center’s Search for the Mr. & Ms. SPMC Centennial

“THIS is the grandest Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) celebration of the National Hospital Week as we are celebrating our “Cien Años.”  Yes, a century of SPMC—Service, Passion, Mission and Care for all, rich or poor.   We are truly happy that the Abreeza Mall of Davao City gave us this opportunity to share this very special occasion with the public in a much brighter and cooler venue.  We are grateful to all our sponsors who made this celebration possible,” said the ever friendly Dr. Ricardo Audan, the Chief of Clinics & Overall Chairperson of the Centennial Celebration.  The good and energetic doctor welcomed an exuberant crowd which filled the Entertainment Center of the Abreeza Mall last August 8, 2017, as early as 3:00 p.m.

1.The 16 candidates in the search for Mr.&Ms. SPMC Centennial in formal Filipiniana

1. The 16 candidates in the search for Mr.&Ms. SPMC Centennial in formal Filipiniana

      “In line with SPMC’s 100th Year celebration, we are presenting the Search for Mr.&Ms. SPMC Centennial plus other activities to reach out to more people with the aim to inform and engage the youth and adults in forming healthy habits and leading healthy lifestyles through the promotion of physical activity, proper nutrition, and the prevention and cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption.  SPMC is the DOH’s biggest flagship hospital in this part of the country,” Dr. Audan informed the guests.

       Dr. Leopoldo J. Vega, the Chief of Hospital of Southern Philippines Medical Center, arrived so late to deliver his welcome message with his loving wife, Dr. Bebot Vega, smiling ever so proudly.

The program started at 7:00 p.m., instead of the scheduled 5:00 pm, with the SPMC Centennial Chorale, under the baton of Dave Fortuna, singing so gloriously the “Our Father” followed by the Philippine National Anthem which instantly quieted the crowd.  Arnold Alvarez’s SiningTala dancers opened the show with a hot Latin dance number for the introduction of the candidates numbering eight males and eight females chosen from the original 16 pairs which competed last month.  The 16 candidates did their mighty best in their opening spiel which had the audience cheering and screaming for their respective choice candidates.

DR. Leopoldo J. Vega, SPMC Chief


The judges for this year’s pageant included Dr. Luz P. Acosta who came as Morticia in Red of the Adam’s Family fame; the gorgeous April Evangelista, the school director of St. John Paul II College; the equally stunning former Mutya ng Davao Leah May Luna Panisales; med rep Nicolo Niño Munda; and Arch. Michael Ebro Dakudao as Chairman of the Board of Judges.

Emcees Xai Nacionales (who I didn’t recognize in her Dr. Luz P. Acosta glittery formal terno) and Arnie Apaap in a barong Tagalog then happily introduced the top eight pairs of candidates.  The lady candidates were Doris Althea Mañacap, Apple Micah Ampit, Sandia Angela Reboquio, Lyonesse Gail Gelua, Dr. Angelica Mary Joan Labradores, Vanessa Ruth Chan, Dr. Kassey Dandan and Dr. Ivabelle Ducto.  The male candidates included Dr. Marc Lester Ibañez, Kirk Patrick Basinilio, Dr. Bryan Marcial Berguia, Dr. Noe Abraham Paez, Jonriel Dioneda, Dr. Jallil Ken Dauo and Raznim Zean Ocubillo.

By the end of the two-hour program and with the reigning Mr. & Miss SPMC title holders, Dr. Ryan Bonn Francisco (who was a no show) and the lovely mestiza Dr. Monique Francesca Nuñez bidding her farewell, the judges finally presented the eagerly awaited results based on the criteria consisting of facial exquisiteness (50%), contoured physique (30%),  poise & bearing (10%),  and eloquence & intelligence (10%).  Dr. Noe Abraham Paez (said to be an SPMC darling with his killer smile, charm and wit) and Dr. Angelica Mary Joan Labradores (a first year surgery resident who is known for her persistence and perseverance just like her mom) are this year’s Mr. & Ms. SPMC Centennial as they personify brains, beauty and a healthy lifestyle.

First runner up winners were Kirk Patrick Basinilio (a sports lover from the Billing Department) and Apple Micah Ampit (a nutritionist dietician).  Proclaimed second runner up winners were Dr. Marc Lester Ibañez (an athletic doctor from the Surgery Dept.) and Vanessa Ruth Chan (a cardiovascular OR nurse who loves outdoor activities).

Other minor awards were given to Sandia Reboquio and Raznim Ocubillo (Best in Talent); Dr, Bryan Marcial Berguia and Vanessa Ruth Chan (Best in Filipiniana Attire); Vanessa Ruth Chan and Kirk Patrick Basinilio (Best in Physique); Dr. Noe Abraham Paez and and Sandia Reboquio ( Best in Skin & Body Glow); and Dr. Noe Abraham Paez and Apple Micah Ampit (Most Photogenic).

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in advocating the DOH slogan of Pilipinas Go 4 Health!

Congratulations Southern Philippines Medical Center on your Centennial Celebration.  More power to you.  Thank you, Dr. Ricardo Audan, for inviting this writer.  Thank you, photographers Crystal Ann Maghinay, Lulito de Guzman. Rodelo Lumagod and Griffith Tabugoc for the pics on this page.

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