CULTURAL POTPOURRI| Piolo Pascual’s Sun Life Financial Freedom

I FIRST met him personally as Dr. Vicky Belo’s gorgeous ambassador of the Belo Medical Group which opened a clinic at the Abreeza Mall of Davao.  The hunk is truly one of the country’s handsomest celebrities with a matching to-die-for body.  He then came back to Davao City as Sun Life’s BLISS (Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment) ambassador to encourage Davaoenos “to define and pursue their financial freedom” just like he does.

    Piolo Pascual, along with his unico hijo, Inigo Pascual, indeed, charmed their way to Davaoenos’ hearts as Sun Life Financial brand ambassadors.  Both reminded the screaming fans the importance of saving money for the rainy days to be truly “financially free.”


PIOLO and Iñigo Pascual’s fans supporting the Sun Life Concert at the Abreeza Mall of Davao

    “I will not be young forever so I have been saving my earnings from my profession as actor, musician, model, brand endorser, film producer, among the other jobs that I do,” the hunk confided.  How long ago was it when this handsome wannabe startedout in with Kuya Germ’s “That’s Entertainment” and continuously appeared as extra in teleseryes and movies.  Happily, the determined and hardworking actor was fortunate to be cast in award winning movies and was later controversially linked to several of filmdom’s most beautiful actresses and even actors.  Impressively, he also became a film producer and established Spring Films which came out with the high grossing and critically acclaimed Kimi Dora films.

     With all the money he is making, Piolo learned to entrust his savings with Sun Life Financial.  Thanks goodness that his sister, who works for Sun Life, encouraged him to do so at the early stage of his career.  “Sun Life’s policies are made easy to understand that even my son, Inigo, is now saving his earnings through Sun Life Financial.  Both of us know the importance of protecting our future by saving money and not spending on unnecessary items.  It’s not easy resisting the temptation of buying just about anything you want just because you can easily do so if you have money.  Always be prepared for tomorrow,” Piolo expressed from experience.

     “In showbiz, if you’re lucky to be earning a big income, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by it.  You might end up spending for so many things not caring about what happens tomorrow.  My father always advised me to save for my future and I always believe in his wisdom gained from experience.  He worked hard and saved to attain what he has at present.  And Sun Life helps us in realizing our financial freedom for a brighter and comfortable tomorrow,” divulged the devoted son, Inigo Pascual.

     Celebrating 150 years in 2015, Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals  and corporate customers.  Sun Life Financial introduced life insurance in the Philippines in 1895, three years before the country secured its independence from Spanish colonial rule.  During WW II, Sun Life suspended its business operations following the invasion of the Japanese.  After the war ended, the company paid out the equivalent of US$ 1.2 million in death claims.  Sun Life was the only insurance company who, based solely on trust and confidence in the Filipino people, paid death claims even without documents attesting to the validity of the claims.

     Sun Life marks its 120th anniversary in the country.  In 2013, Sun Life ranked as the number one life insurance company in the Philippines in terms of total premiums equivalent to P29.7 billion.  This was the third time the company topped the industry.

       Sun Life Philippines is also known to pioneer in conceptualizing a financial literacy campaign called “It’s Time” to empower every Filipino to act on his financial needs.  This campaign won both local and international awards.

     Congratulations, Sun Life Philippines, on your 120th anniversary.  More power to you.

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