CULTURAL POTPOURRI| PCBF/MAT Mindanao Regional Bodybuilding Competition 2016

EIGHTY hard bodies from all over Mindanao pumped iron and went on a special diet for 12 to 16 weeks just to get ready for this year’s first Philippine Committee of Bodybuilding & Fitness/MAT Mindanao Regional Bodybuilding Competition. The event was held last October 22, 2016, at 4:00 p.m. at the Felcris Centrale Activity Center. It was a well-attended bodybuilding competition despitethe lack of funds. The dedicated and determined Event Producer, the United Kingdom-registered personal trainer named Marco Tamayo came back home with his wife and daughter for a good break, all the way from Dubai where he now works contentedly as the Director of Fitness First-Dubai. Amazing, indeed, is the man’s passion for his consistent healthy living and physical fitness promotion campaigns in Davao City despite his absence. His Ginoong Kadayawan bodybuilding competitions plus his unforgettable series of Rage fashion shows in the past delighted all the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts, gym buffs, and countless voyeurs and usiseros of the City once-upon-a-time when bikinis were not yet banned.


(L-R): MARCO Tamayo, Sam Solon, Henry Calvo and Ralph Anthony Ninte

You have to hand it to this dedicated Davaoeno fitness guru. Who on earth would come back to Davao from his well-paying job in Dubai, just to stage a bodybuilding competition! Marco must be a masochist to subject himself to all the trouble and headaches of inviting participants plus soliciting the much needed funds from private sponsors.


THE I.FLEX family of Marco Tamayo

     While some people consider bodybuilding a sport, it has yet to be included in the Olympics. Others claim it is an art form but naturally, there are those who claim otherwise. But definitely, bodybuilding and art have had a history of interaction. There have been many titled bodybuilders who have made the transition from gyms to movie studios. The most famous example of course would be the former Mr. Olympia, Arnold Swarzenegger.

     Bodybuilding, like any other sports popular in the country, came to the Philippines from the USA. Even if there were already bodybuilding contests in the Philippines before World War II, Filipinos did not take to pumping iron as much as they practiced playing basketball and football. Still, body culture associations often affiliated with boxing clubs were founded all over the country. Slowly, bodybuilding as an international sport attracted young Pinoy enthusiasts.

                                 Bodybuilding Contests to Promote Health and Fitness

     “The pursuit of bodybuilding, or any sports for that matter, is where the best lessons in self-control, self-discipline and self-determination are learned. That is why I have always advocated sports training, specifically bodybuilding, for the young people of Davao,” Marco, the only Mr. Philippines-World title holder from Davao so far, explained.

     Bodybuilding is the foundation of all sports. All athletes have to train with weights to build power and increase mass. Even ballet danseurs train with weights to be able to lift ballerinas.   Body culture is also an art. One must work with the body to achieve the ideal balance of the individual parts, the optimum proportion.

     This time, Marco Tamayo is determined to professionalize bodybuilding in Davao City by holding quarterly workshops and seminars in cooperation with the Philippine Committee of Bodybuilding and Fitness (PCBF). PCBF VP and Exec. Dir. Sam Solon conducted the first seminar in Davao and is as determined as Marco to promote health and fitness through bodybuilding among men and women.

     As Marco said, “As in all arts, it takes skill, insight, will power and discipline to achieve the ideal body.   The painful hours spent drenched in your own sweat in the gym does much for your body. It is as simple as that.”

     The judges for the PCBF/MAT Bodybuilding Competition 2016were Ralph Anthony Ninte, Henry Calvo and Sam Solon.Proclaimed winners were Eiddan Van Pequiro (men’s physique, short category), Brian Gemeno Honculada (men’s physique, tall category) and Peter Jirah Ampuller (men’s bodybuilding).

     Congratulations to Marco Tamayo and his I.Flex Fitness staff, PCBF VP & Exec. Dir. Sam Solon, the participants, and of course, the sponsors who made the event possible.

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