Cultural Potpourri | Patrick Co, Davao’s New Chef on the Block

PATRICK Co is one of the most promising young chefs with a pleasing personality in the city given the exposure and experience he has amassed through his young culinary journey, which includes his stint at his own popular Fat Cow, The Dairy, and opening today is his new baby called Asian Cow by Patrick Co.

Running two restaurants is no easy feat for this 23-year-old millennial who confesses to getting fascinated with the art of cooking as early as 13 years of age. “I just got hooked to it as I am a lover of good food prepared with the heart and passion of the cook. I would always watch tv programs on cooking after my classes when I was younger; and experiment with the dishes that I liked among those featured on the cooking programs,” narrated chef Patrick.

“I have Negrense roots and vacation time in my grandparents’ hometown in Cadiz City, Neg. Occ., always meant delicious food prepared so meticulously by passionate Ilongga cocineras. The Ilonggos really know how to eat good, quality food made according to heirloom recipes handed down through the generations which I truly admire in them. My grandparents used to run a bakeshop selling delicious breads when they were younger. But I would say that the greatest influence in my food business are my parents, Dondon Co and Pinky Tan-Co, although they aren’t into the food business themselves. It is their dedication to achieving their set goals that gives me the reason to wake up every morning ever ready to face the challenges that will confront me during the day. Would you believe that my parents were discouraging me from getting into the culinary arts that my mom even cried when I was that determined to enroll myself at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) of chef Gene Gonzalez,” confessed Patrick, the eldest child among the Co siblings.
Chef Patrick admitted that he is forever a lover of Filipino cuisine and that every available chance he gets to eat out, he’d always settle for Filipino cuisine. “Isn’t it ironic that I don’t serve Filipino classics in my Fat Cow and Asian Cow restaurants? I still go to the Davao culinary institution that is Cecile’s of the Guino-o family for snacks up to this time.”

“I fell in love with the cultures and flavors of Asia only during my travels abroad that it opened my eyes and gave me a better perspective on the rich culinary heritage of Asian nations. It is this Asian culinary heritage that I experience every time in my travels that I wish to share with Davaoeno foodies. It is my goal to share with everyone the unforgettable Asian culinary memories through my experiential Asian Cow restaurant which opens today, June 8, 2018. The restaurant is a melting pot of flavors that showcases Asian fusion cuisine according to my interpretation of it. My Asian Cow cuisine is a balance of a mix of things hot, sweet and sour. I want to relay a certain perfection of culinary balance to each Asian Cow diner one plate at a time,” promised chef Patrick as he added, “I want my restaurant to be patronized by people coming from all walks of life. I want Davaoenos to enjoy a new adventure in the Asian Culinary Arts they haven’t experienced before.”
Chef Patrick recommends the Beef Cheek Curry, among his other dishes, explaining that this favorite dish of his brings back fond memories of how he fell in love with Thailand and its cuisine with its crazy mix of flavors, textures and spices. “Good food matters the most to me and my customers. I want Davaoeno diners to enjoy a new adventure in the Asian culinary arts. I try very hard to please all of my customers, even the very demanding and unreasonable ones. It is keeping in mind that the restaurant’s only judge is the customers. If your restaurant is always full, then your restaurant is a success.”
Asian Cow by Patrick Co is now ready to delight Davao’s foodies. Wishing you all the best, chef Patrick Co.

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