Cultural Potpourri | Manila’s Panasonic Fashion Show 2018 with Davao Designers

LAST Apr. 10 to 13, 2018, was the staging of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFF) which brought together the country’s popular designers, fashions models, and fashionistas.  The 8th fashion extravaganza that the PMFF has always been known for was one of innovation as it championed more elaborate takes on presenting contemporary trends.  In partnership with Art Personas, the organizer, Panasonic Philippines this time is all about lifestyle branding to captivate and capture the young Filipino market.  Yes, PMFF 8 focused on high technology to come up with a singular runway attraction which was such an amazing experience for those involved in the fashion industry along with the country’s finicky fashionistas. The fashion extravaganza featured exquisite creations coming from all over the country that were shot using Panasonic LUMIX cameras such as the G9.  The shots ably captured clear and detailed images.  The GH5 and GH5S that were exhibited also presented a 4K video performance allowing a much better couture experience; and thus, truly gave justice to the intricacy and ingenuity of the designs in the various collections chosen. “Indeed, the PMFF 8 is a tool to make the country the fashion destination in Southeast Asia.  The series of runway shows did not fall short in raising the bar in terms of the collection presented.  Each day featured a dynamic set of designers and brands that exhibit a uniquely impressive set of pieces rooted on meaningful aesthetics and unexpected combination of fabrics,” commented the fashion designer cum educator Emi Englis. Joining the Manila and Cebu designers were our very own Aztec Barba, Edgar Buyan, Dodjie Batu, Benjie Panizales, Windell Mira, Bamba Limon, Emi Englis, Egay Ayag, and Bea Abrigo. PMFF 8 also presented the SOFA Design Institute graduation show in its goal to give opportunities to the emerging Pinoy talents.  “Every piece from the collection presented showcased the young designers’ passion, creativity and potential to someday make it big in the country’s fashion industry,” revealed the gushing Emi Englis. Congratulations, Davao Designers. Thank you, Emi Englis, for sharing the pictures.

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