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DURING my parents’ time when I was in high school, the revered Spanish fashion brands that I became familiar with were Cristobal Balenciaga and Paco Rabanne.  It was Balenciaga’s shapely simplicity which made his genius in haute couture.  His minimalist severity in cut then contrasted with the all out chic femininity of French designers.  Paco Rabanne, on the other hand, had his architectural training at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris combined with the impact of space and space travel that inspired him to create startling designs of space-age fashion in the 1960’s.  His contemporaries like Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent were also into the then futuristic fashion style.  It was only when I was living abroad that I was able to buy myself clothes and accessories from Spain’s Balenciaga and Paco Rabanne which I have kept and still treasure to this day.


THE THIRD Mango Megastore at the Abreeza Mall

      My dear friends from Spain, Dr. Pablo Prados y Ruano and Architect Santiago Porras y Alvarez, took it upon themselves to update my fashion choices and introduced me to the younger fashion brands of their choice from their motherland like El Corte Ingles, Zara, Springfield, Adolfo Dominguez (Spains’s answer to Giorgio Armani whom the Japanese fashionistas love), Felipe Varela, Massimo Dutti, among others.  These designers’ clothes and accessories, naturally, I could only afford if they were on “rebajas” (sale in Spanish).  Pablo, who is now based in Paris, is always generous enough to send me gifts even up to this day.

     Mango first arrived in the Philippines in 1999.  Mango is consolidating its presence in the Philippines with the opening of its third  megastore comprised of 817.45 square meters  at the Abreeza Mall of Davao last June 2, 2016.  The Mango Megastore consists of Mango for women, Mango Man and Mango Kids.  The fashion brand now has 32 retails outlets in the country; with megastores in Pasay and Mandaluyong.


TRICIA Gosingtian talks to Davao’s fashionistas on Mango fashion

     Mango is a clothing design and manufacturing company founded in Barcelona, Spain, by Turkish brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andik.  It opened its first store in Barcelona in 1984.  The 100% family-owned fashion company is now an internationally famous multinational which designs, manufactures and markets both women and men’s clothing and accessories.  It credits itself as Spain’s most international fashion brand with 2,300 (and still counting) stores in 107 countries.  Mango has its headquarters in Barcelona; while thousands of its young and enthusiastic employees work at the Hangar Design Center, the biggest design center in Europe.

Mango’s target market is defined as people who love fashion and want to wear the latest fashion trends.  On the other hand, H.E. Mango was created in 2008 and aimed at the young, fashion conscious male.  H.E. is an acronym of the Latin “Homini Emerito,” which is defined as “a man who enjoys his reward in keeping with his merits.”  Both Mango and H.E. Mango’s concept is to provide quality fashion products in accordance to the latest fashion trend; and at an affordable price.

     Trends come and go but a well-made outfit is an enduring staple.  “A good outfit like Mango knocks off the years and the pounds.  There’s a different comfort that comes from knowing that you are putting your best foot forward,” said popular fashion blogger, photographer and business entrepreneur Trixia Gosingtian who was invited to talk about her fashion and styling secrets in Abreeza’s Fashion Forum exclusive for Mango during the launch of its first Mango Megastore in Mindanao last June 11, 2016.  The popular fashion blogger of Manila gave the millennial fashionistas of Davao a comprehensive guide to buying, altering and accessorizing, paying special attention to the importance of quality-made, off-the-rack Mango brand.

       If there is one thing Mango represents, it’s aspiration.  Smart clothes don’t necessarily have to be expensive to make you feel like you’re the best dressed and best looking in the block.  The Mango collection at the Abreeza Mall brings with it the latest trends in fashion.  Mango has the most versatile colour offerings for you in various garments from casual and sports wear to the more formal styles with suits and blazers you can easily mix and match.  Oh yes, check out Mango’s collection of shoes, bags and fashion accessories.

The Mango Megastore at the Abreeza Mall is offering as much as 50% discount on most of its products for itslaunching.

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