Cultural Potpourri | LDW’s Fun Summer Dance Workshop 2018

HAVING watched the Locsin Dance Workshop (LDW) Annual Recital last March, I wasn’t that eager to watch the summer showcase as I heard they were doing “Peter & The Wolf” and “BisDak KMI” again.  But my niece Monica V. Dakudao was dancing and invited me personally, so I went as a loving uncle would. And I am glad I watched because it was a new experience, indeed.

The Grand Finale Port de Bras

The Grand Finale Port de Bras

Saturday Night, May 25, opened with Locsin’s walang kamatayang “Magkaugnay”with a twist.  It was a new version specially choreographed for the matrona dancers Mary Anne Camello, Merchie Bustamante, Long Pineda, Marilou Borlongan, Alik Azurin, and Gertrude Bisnon, high school classmates of dance maestra Agnes Locsin.  Admirable was how they still displayed the grace and elegance of their youthful years of passionate dancing with the Locsins back in the 60’s and 70′s.

Babies' Ballet B, the Golden Shower

Babies’ Ballet B, the Golden Shower

“Peter & the Wolf’ still kept the very young audience and their parents entertained.  The kids could be heard gasping and shouting during the chase scene of the ballet.  Oh yes, the Babies Ballet classes, oh so many of them, almost stole the show, even though one Baby refused to dance. (She did join the final curtain call and her father’s smile definitely reached both ears.) Amused laughter and warm applause for the Babies and other Beginners… oh so many of them… resounded after their performance.

Not to be upstaged, “BisDak KMI” was at its full-evening show on Sunday night.

Featuring dances by the jazz, tap, hip hop, modern dance, and theater classes, “BisDak KMI” was funny, witty, highly entertaining, and thought provoking. Tagged as The Millennial Mind, the show tackled themes on what makes the young and not-so-young tick nowadays.

“Kuya Matt, unsa’y mean sa BisDak?” Yes, Matthew San Jose (the eldest son of Claudine Locsin Yabut-San Jose) hosted “BisDak KMI” (Bisayang Dako Kami), showing grace and theater skills in handling his moves and lines…BisDak words…quite commendably. His theater students adeptly and enjoyably performed his vignettes that were spread out during the show.  Matt staged and directed vignettes that kept the show running smoothly from one number to the next.  “Kuya Matt, dili ka Bisdak. Unsa ka?” To wit Matt answered: “AmDak”.  Oh, that threw me… hahahaha.  Matthew grew up in the USA and thus, he is truly Amerikanong Daku.

Kenneth San Jose does an aerial flip in his choreography

Kenneth San Jose does an aerial flip in his choreography

Agnes is so proud of the matured and maturing dance skills of her students.  Doubly happy and proud is she as to the development of the choreographies in both shows.  She wouldn’t stop commending Jaymichael Segura’s growth as a Hip Hop choreographer; Monique Uy’s daring at her tap dance number; Kat Lozano’s and Samantha Martin’s joyous jazz numbers; Jobelle Mahinay’s innovative concept for her beginners’ tap dance, etc etc etc.  Claudine Yabut-San Jose’s “ANIMI MI” for advance tap was fast, difficult, yet oh so cute.  “’ve always known Claudine could choreograph,” the auntie said, seconded by Claude’s proud mother, Bing.

Kenneth San Jose, the YouTube sensation and most passionate Hip Hop dancer, was downplayed in BisDak, probably because he had to leave for Manila in the middle of the summer workshop. Nonetheless, this is what the proud auntie has to say about Ken’s choreography:  “At only 16 yrs old, Kenneth’s instinct for choreography is very very good. Mana sa akon.”

Another noteworthy factor of BisDak is its integrating audience participation in some numbers.  The dancers at one point came to the audience and took selfie photos of and with the audience.  Most fun was at the finale, parents and willing audience joined in to dance a Flash Mob scene.  Laughter abounded.

Congratulations again and again to the Locsin Dance Workshop for your never-ending craft-fully done and artistically conceived dance recitals and showcases.















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