CULTURAL POTPOURRI| Japanese Be-Ing Salon in Davao

WITH its location in Guadalupe Village, Lanang, Davao City, Be-Ing Suites Japanese Salon makes history as the first ever Japanese beauty center in Davao City.  It was quite obvious to me when the Be-Ing Salon was inaugurated last June 13, 2016, that it is a Japanese enclave on 3rd Street, Lot 6, Guadalupe Village.


DAVAO’S spa owners strike a pose with the Otas

I excitedly entered the establishment with the businessman Hideki Ota san welcoming me by the entrance with the traditional Japanese bow.  The Be-Ing Suites compound was in a flurry of activities with a group of anime clones dressed in that unmistakable Japanese school girl costumes rehearsing a Japanese pop song and dance number plus a yukata-clad woman walking around the vicinity like it was springtime in the midst of faux sakura trees in full bloom.  It was a terribly hot day and the inauguration ceremony was obviously running on Pinoy time!

     The pretty and charming Cheryl S. Amoguez, the Chairperson of the Be-Ing Resort House of Davao City, welcomed and introduced me to the Japanese guys behind Be-Ing namely Hideki Ota (Chairman of CHB Corporation), Hideo Ota (President of Hair Corporation), Toru Suefuji (Be-Ing Salon’s Head Creative Stylist), and Kenchi Sada (Manager).  I interviewed them in Japanese.

     “Be-Ing CHB Corporation began operating the Be-Ing Resort House of Davao on May 10, 2015,” recalled Hideki Ota san, the Japanese CHB founder.  Ota san owns Hair Corporation, a chain of salons and spas in Saga Prefecture, Japan.

      The Japanese entrepreneur narrated, “I was aware that Japan’s aging population would affect our manpower eventually.  It was because of this that I immediately began my search for solutions that would facilitate the continuity and further expansion of my company, Hair Corporation.  It took me 14 long years to find the answer.  It was in 2002 when I went to Manila to do my research on the salon business there.  I found out that most local salons use cold water in hair treatment thus resulting to hair damage.  This gave me the idea of introducing an authentic Japanese Salon in the Philippines which would advocate the use of warm water and the application of Japanese hair science to obtaining a healthier-looking hair for Filipinos.”

     “I chose the Philippines for my business expansion because the country has a tremendous growth in its young population.  The country is in a democracy plus the fact that Filipinos speak English were considered plus factors.  But it was Davao City’s peace and order plus natural beauty which truly captivated me.  I was determined to establish my first Japanese salon in this City.  I also found it convenient to partner with Filipinos for business.  Like the Japanese, Filipinos value hospitality and hard work which was a big factor in my decision.  Now with City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte as Philippine President, I was, indeed, proven fortunate with my business decision. Davao has since been showing signs of economic boom with a truly promising business potential,” Ota san added of his right timing.

     At first, Be-Ing Suites was planned as an academy to provide a venue for cultivating partnerships among Filipino and Japanese hairstylists.  It was established to introduce the Japanese art of hair styling to Filipino hair stylists complete with housing accommodations for both Japanese trainers and Filipino students.  The training center would eventually offer job opportunities for Filipinos to work in Japanese salons in Japan and other countries where they operate.

     Presently, Be-Ing Suites offers 16 studio-type units designed for local travelers and foreign tourists who opt for a comfortable homey-like atmosphere for their accommodation in Davao City.  “Be-Ing Suites provides its guests with a common facility where they can cook their own meals thus making their stay in Davao City more affordable and convenient.  We are proud that Be-Ing Suites was designed utilizing Green Architecture principles which makes the building energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  The building’s Modern Asian architectural style was designed by Japanese architects.

     A must-experience in Be-Ing’s Japanese Salon is the collagen therapy it offers for rejuvenation to staying young always.  “Please come and visit us for that authentic Japanese experience with the best service we assure every client,” promises Cheryl Amoguez.

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