CULTURAL POTPOURRI| I-Sayaw’s 3rd Summer Workshop

IT WAS heartening to see more participants joining I-Sayaw’s 3rd summer workshop which ended with a well attended recital called “Broadway Classics to Classics” last May 24, 2017. The warm up of the bailarinas on stage alone already drew the attention of the mall rats of SM City-Davao like it was the opening salvo. Little babies, kids, teens and the advance class confidently did their exercises in unison quite aware that they were being watched. The venue started filling up and before the show started, it was already standing room at the entertainment center of SM City-Davao’s Annex. Imagine Musikademy’s heavy weight music maestras, Vicky and Victoria, standing the whole time. Even people on the second floor crammed for position to see the stage better.


JOSH Sabit and Erika Almaden dancing to Don Quixote Pas de Deux

This happened a day after the President declared Martial Law in Mindanao. “I was so skeptical at first that there would be little people watching the show. And I was truly surprised that I worried needlessly as the venue was filled to capacity. It was good for the performers who, with all the sweat and tears, deserved every cheer and applause that the entertained gallery heartily gave them,” said I-Sayaw’s dance maestra, Cecile Dioquino-Hidalgo.

The show opened with an invocation danced by sisters Janine and Jaschel Barnuevo to “Prayer to a Powerful God.” This was immediately followed by by an original choreography entitled “Graffiti” danced to a music from Alexander Hamilton’s musicale, “Hamilton.” “It was called as such as it was a mixture of ideas amongst the dancers themselves. Even the tie-dyed shirts were hand-made by dancer Anya F. Mercader,” informed teacher Cecile. What a joy to see Broadway classics interpreted by so cute babies, kids, and young teens dancing to the mature tunes of Cabaret, Love Song from Pippin, Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Oklahoma, Singin’ in the Rain, and At the Ballet from A Chorus Line. They truly made their parents, grandparents and yayas so proud that these people couldn’t help but take pictures of their cuties performing.

The well-applauded Hip Hop class danced to the tune of All That Jazz from Chicago where the students had fun dancing to the choreography of teacher Aris Dequit of Fusion. This was followed by the Tap 1 class which performed to the tune Just Can’t Wait to be King from The Lion King. The Tap 2 and 3 members danced to the tune of On Broadway and ended with a rendition of King of New York as choreographed by Josh Sabit. Tap teacher Paul Quiachon performed with his students and was obviously so proud of their performance. He is truly one good tap dancer of Davao City who learned how to dance as a scholar of the LCB-PAC of dance maestra Bing Locsin and Lu Chin Bon.


I-SAYAW Faculty Paul Quiachon (Tap Teacher), Cecile Hidalgo (Principal, Ballet Teacher), Aris Dequit (HipHop Teacher)

“True to tradition, I-Sayaw will always fall back to the Classics where Part II of the show was solely dedicated to,” said teacher Cecile. So it was in the second part which saw Erika Almaden to Raymonda, followed by Josh Sabit hitting some air time (he should loose weight!) doing a Variation from Swan Lake. Annie Seo delighted the crowd with her flirty rendition of Don Quixote—Kitri Variation. Th Ballet I-B followed dancing to Reed Flutes from the Nutcracker. Lily Buhian danced a Variation from La Bayadere. Yonex Daymil had her first solo in a Variation from Napoli. Sofia Inigo, despite of an injury, overcame pain and gamely danced the Peasant Pas Variation from Giselle. Of course, the Inigo parents and relatives (including tito Rene and tita Belen Obosa) were all relied on for moral support. The enchanting Anya F. Mercader showed growth and maturity dancing to Coppella Act I. And Anya could sing beautifully as well with her Musikademy training. The Secondary Ballet students danced to Sleeping Beauty Garland Waltz which was choreographed by Erika Almaden. The highlight of Part II was the Don Quixote Pas de Deux performed by teacher Cecile’s top students, Erika Almaden and Josh Sabit. Josh still has a lot of catching up to do with the talented and more experienced Erika though. Cecile, what happened to the other young danseurs you were training last year? So far, Davao has produced only one male ballet dancer of international caliber in the person of Sony Locsin. And he’s not that young anymore.


BALLET 1 dancing to I Feel Pretty from West Side Story

“I’d like to thank my husband, Kiko Hidalgo, and beloved daughter, Noe, for understanding my love for dance and encouraging me in times of my apprehensions. I’m grateful to tito Michael E. Dakudao for his unwavering support. And to tito Rey Alba for capturing the memories of the performers through his wonderful photography,” said Cecile Dioquino-Hidalgo, a ballet teacher and professional architect. Mabuhay ka, Cecile.

   Regular dance classes in I-Sayaw will resume on June 12, 2017. The regular dance classes enrollment is on going. Interested dancers do contact Cecile Dioquino-Hidalgo at 0922-849-3966.

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