CHILDREN of today never had it so good when it comes to pampering like having a regular haircut.  How long ago was it when children of my generation had to join our fathers in their choice barbershops for our haircut?  I still remember the barber’s chair that had to be propped up with a stool or those thick PLDT directories for us little ones to sit on.  Moms and dads didn’t have to give the friendly neighborhood barbero such detailed instructions as to the desired hairstyle for their sons.  They just let the veteran barbero do his job.  And we kids of that generation past knew how to behave especially when the barber armed himself with his shiny and sharp pair of scissors and ever ready to do his snipping job on us.


FUN Cuts owners Camille Soriano, Yvonne Garcia-Soriano and Kay Gempesaw

   How lucky, indeed, the pampered and spoiled kids of today truly are.  Now they have barbershops catering solely to their wants and needs. Demanding fathers and mothers instruct barbers on the latest haircut styles they want for their little ones behaving like legit stylists.  And the barber’s chairs for kids come in various shapes and sizes they could choose from depending on their mood at the moment. The designs of these colorful barber’s chairs would make Walt Disney truly proud. Mind you, but to keep these kids relaxed and still, they could just watch a video of their favorite cartoons or anime during the entire process.     “If your young boys need a haircut, it’s no longer a problem for parents.  Fun Cuts at the Gaisano Mall, SM Lanang Premier, and the latest addition at SM City-Davao are kiddie salons designed specifically for children to love going to for their regular haircuts.  Each Fun Cuts salon has three barber seats in attractive colors and designs to choose from,” said Yvonne Garcia-Soriano, the entrepreneurial wife of businessman Joey Soriano and a mother to four kids namely Andrea, Natalia, Carolina and Jose.


BLESSING of Fun Cuts @ SM City-Davao with Fr. Rene Ocampo, S.J.

     Fun Cuts has been in operation at the Gaisano Mall of Davao since August 10, 2007.  Due to requests from parents living in the Lanang area, a Fun Cuts salon was opened at the SM Lanang Premiere on September 18, 2014.  Just last June 8, 2016, Fun Cuts proprietors Kay Gempesaw (married to Rocky’s Barbershop owner Tom Gempesaw), Camille Soriano (wife of Robert Soriano) and Yvone Garcia-Soriano inaugurated their latest branch at SM City Mall of Davao with the able support of their family members and dear friends.

     “If you want a place that the kids would love and want to go to, naturally, you have to provide a bright and kid-friendly place with a fun atmosphere for them.  Here at Fun Cuts, we have toys and cartoon videos as fun distractions for kids to keep them occupied.  Of prime importance as well is a Fun Cuts friendly staff who truly enjoys and works well with kids.  They’re primed as well on how to deal with anxious, high strung and meddling parents,” revealed the strict mama Yvonne who knows what she speaks of.

     “The kiddie barbers must take special precaution when holding that sharp scissors when cutting the hair of kids especially those fidgeting and squirming ones.  Safety is of important consideration in kiddie salons such as Fun Cuts.  The kiddie barber must know how to deal with kids, yes, especially those with bad behavior.  They are well aware that every kid must be given special treatment like they’re the most important and most valuable little client of Fun Cuts,” advised Kay Gempesaw, the mom of Chloe and Tomas, whose firsthand experience was gained from their family business, the popular Rocky’s Barbershop, which I used to patronize when I was still growing my hair.

   Indeed, Fun Cuts for little tots is the best kiddie salon in town to cater to your child’s every hairstyle whim.

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