CULTURAL POTPOURRI| Fitflop Honors Davao’s Superwomen

FITFLOP unveiled its latest collection of stylish and comfortable footwear at the second floor of  Chimes Flagship store along Sales Street last August 19, 2017.  Celebrating its 10th anniversary this time, Fitflop launched its new Superwomen campaign introducing its latest brand ambassador— Hollywood celebrity Uma Thurman.  Highlighting the special event was the Fitflop presentation of its choice Superwomen of Davao who reflect the strong and vibrant spirit of today’s modern Filipina.

FITFLOP'S Melody Tan-Jimenez, Annie Paz-Lim, Cindy Yap, Honeylet Avanceña, Michael E. Dakudao

FITFLOP’S Melody Tan-Jimenez, Annie Paz-Lim, Cindy Yap, Honeylet Avanceña, Michael E. Dakudao

     Davao’s perfumed set, a majority of whom were dressed in black, white, or black-and-white

ensembles with their choice of matching Fitflop footwear, converged at the cool and sanitized confines of Chimes-Sales.  Naturally, EVP for Felcris Group of Companies Cindy Yap (looking so fit) along with her ever smiling sisters Camille and Cassey Yap, plus Chimes Business Unit Head Ia Alano-Vergel de Dios (gorgeous like a Manila model) and Chimes charming Manager Renren Villena were on hand to amiably welcome the cool and fashionable guests coming from the various sectors of the Davao community.

     “Fitflop was founded in 2007 by Marcia Kilgore as a unique footwear brand that delightfully combines biomechanics, comfort and fashion.  It is a brand rooted in empowering women one step at a time.  Since then, Fitflop has become the go-to footwear of choice by countless women all over the globe who refuse to settle for anything less than the best,” said the pretty mestiza, Melody Tan Jimenez, the Fitflop Senior Regional Brand Manager of the Primer Group of Companies.

     Jimenez flew in from Manila for the event accompanied by Fitflop Senior Marketing Associate Irene Trajano.   As Jimenez mentioned, this time around, Fitflop unveils an interesting collection of “bolder, fresher and extraordinarily designed comfortable footwear realized through a state-of-the-art technology” that reflects the strong and vibrant spirit of today’s women.  Indeed, with its presence in over 63 countries, the “most comfortable footwear” with a triple density Microwobbleboard midsole, Fitflop has sold over 35 million pairs since it was launched.  “We now have a wider variety of styles our Superwomen customers can choose from to feel that Fitflop effect,” promoted Irene Trajano.

Now who exactly are Fitflop’s anointed Superwomen of Davao?  First on the list is a registered nurse turned successful businesswoman and devoted mother to an only child.  “The nation bore witness to her resilience.  From being a steadfast companion of her beloved during one of the most iconic elections in Philippine history, she evolved into a regal and graceful fixture that represents the country through various duties as spouse of the most powerful man in the land—Honeylet Avanceña.”  The second Fitflop Superwoman of Davao is the hardworking Mae Braceros-Alcantara who established the brand, Crystal Seas.  Crystal Seas produces excellently designed, export quality fashion and home accessories that are proudly made with the use of Mindanao’s precious fabrics of life.  Mae is persistent is promoting the cherished tradition of fine hand-loom weaving in Mindanao with a big help coming from her designer daughter, Carmael Braceros Alcantara.  “We not only appreciate the art and traditions of the lumad tribes of Mindanao but help them, along with the various less privileged members of our community, earn an honest living as well through Crystal Seas.  Crystal Seas’ valuable products are made to be appreciated and used with pride,” said Mae.

From the younger sophisticated set of fashionistas, the chosen Davaoeña Superwomen included Dr. Jennifer Christine Lim.  One of Davao’s leading Periodontist and Endodontist, the gorgeous Dr. Jenny is an active member of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines; and is a fellow at the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy.  The other young Fitflop Superwoman of Davao “wields the power of the pen to empower and elevate the lives of readers through fun and entertaining thoughts on the latest lifestyle news.  She is Nikki Gotianse Tan, the Style Scribe.

After the presentation of Fitflop’s Superwomen of Davao, the unveiling of the Fitflop’s AW 17 Collection followed to the delight of the fashionistas of Davao.

“People come to shop at Chimes for things that are unique, interesting and of good quality.  We always try to offer something new that is not commonly found in the other stores in Davao.  We are proud and fortunate that our lineup of respected brands, both local and foreign, keep on growing.  Please do visit us and check on what we have to offer for your needs,” invited Cindy Yap.

 Thank you, Chimes, for inviting me to another interesting afternoon on Fitflop fashion.  More fashion power to you.

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