Cultural potpourri | FISAF’s Robert Krizanovic on Professional Health and Fitness Education

IN one of the world’s most vibrant and progressive cities named Dubai, there is an official Minister of Happiness “to promote happiness and a positive attitude in government and life.” Amazing, isn’t it, especially for one coming from a country riddled with graft and corruption, insurgencies, crime rates, traffic and pollution, natural disasters with inept government assistance, among so many others. The miracle, though, is that despite all the problems battering us Filipinos, we are still considered one of the happiest people of this world.

ROBERT Krizanovic campaigns for Fitness and Health Education in Davao City

ROBERT Krizanovic campaigns for Fitness and Health Education in Davao City

 “Of course, one of the factors necessary to attaining happiness is if you are fit and healthy in the first place,” said a pleasant Serbian personality who is based in the amazing city of Dubai. The truly fit and healthy Serbian, Robert Krizanovic, was a multi-awarded National Champion of Gymnastics in his native country before involving himself in the Health and Fitness industry of Dubai where he has been based for at least a decade now.

 Through the connection of the Dubai-based Davao fitness guru, Marco H. Tamayo (founder of Davao’s i-Flex Gym located in Ma-a), Robert Krizanovic visited Davao City last December, 2017, in his capacity as Chairman of the Education Committee of FISAF International. His first trip to Davao was facilitated by i-Flex Gym’s tall, dark and handsome macho man, Ruzellini H. Tamayo, whose hand was glittering with a well-designed gold bracelet you wouldn’t fail to notice.

DAVAO'S gym owners, trainers and bodybuilders with Robert Krizanovic

DAVAO’S gym owners, trainers and bodybuilders with Robert Krizanovic

 In the meeting held at Rophe’s Chicken Restaurant along Buhangin, Krizanovic came face to face with some of Davao’s popular gym owners, gym trainers and body builders with the participation of Tagum’s biggest gym owner, the pretty morena and articulate Ingrid Taojo. Krizanovic’s warm personality and eloquence made him easy to listen to as Ingrid and I bombarded him with questions to make it easier for him to touch on matters we were interested in.

 “Physical Fitness is a measure of the human body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work, sports and leisure activities; to be healthy and to be able to resist diseases; and to meet emergency situations,” defined Krizanovic of the subject he is most passionate about.

INGRID Taojo with Robert Krizanovic

INGRID Taojo with Robert Krizanovic

 Krizanovic’s marketing campaign for Gold’s Gym-Dubai, “Fat to Fit in 60 Days,” won the “Best Marketing Initiative” award in 2014. At the Fitness First -Middle East, he came up with a state-of-the-art fitness concept which set itself apart from the rest of the health and fitness domain in the country. Krizanovic is well respected in his chosen field of expertise.

 “I come here to your beautiful city to talk about professional education in Health and Fitness as the chairman of the Education Committee of FISAF International. FISAF International is an independent, democratic and non-profit federation dedicated to sports aerobics, fitness and hip hop competitions, as well as the development of sports and fitness industry education system on an international level. FISAF International has been developing its education segment providing opportunity for individuals all over the world to become world class fitness and sports professionals. In the two decades since it was started, thousands of fitness enthusiasts have received the highest level of standard in fitness and sports education. We made sure that our certification program gets recognized in many countries around the world,” detailed Krizanovic with the hope that FISAF International would soon include the Philippines in the roster of countries it has been serving.

I-FLEX Gym’s Ruzellini H. Tamayo with Bee Fit Gym’s Jimmy Javier

I-FLEX Gym’s Ruzellini H. Tamayo with Bee Fit Gym’s Jimmy Javier

 One needs a valid accreditation from a legitimate fitness institution if one is planning to work abroad as a fitness or gym instructor. Yes, just like my dear friend, Marco H. Tamayo, who was my first gym instructor at the Regal Hotel Gym before the tall, dark and intelligent man was proclaimed Mr. World-Philippines who represented the country in the competition in London.

 Krizanovic stated that FISAF’s mission is to “include the latest scientific knowledge in the field of Fitness and Sports in its education materials; and to exercise practical implication through its education courses.” FISAF’s Current Education System starts with the Exercise Science course which represents the basis for all the other courses which include the Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer course and the Group Exercise Instructor course. All these courses have Theory and Practical segments, both for the lecture and examination as well.

ROPHE'S Chicken owner Ralph Cambronero with Ruzellini H. Tamayo

ROPHE’S Chicken owner Ralph Cambronero with Ruzellini H. Tamayo

 “There are gyms operating in your country being manned by gym trainers and their staff who have no knowledge of the scientific way of teaching their clients on how to properly do physical exercises in aerobics or weight training. They’re not professionals and just base their teachings on mere experience or observation which might not apply and could be unfit to others. You need a good educational background on fitness, health and sports to be truly effective in your chosen field. And FISAF International, hopefully, will be able to help once they establish an office here in the Philippines,” said Robert Krizanovic with I-Flex Gym representative Ruzellini H. Tamayo nodding in full agreement.

 Despite the hours of delay, as is always expected of an I-Flex Gym event, it was one enlightening encounter with Health and Fitness personality, Robert Krizanovic. Thank you, Marco H. Tamayo, for the health and fitness opportunity.

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