CULTURAL POTPOURRI| Emilia Sorongon vda. de Sitjar in the Pink of Health

ESTABLISHING the Emilia’s Finest Collection along Jose Rizal Street, Davao City, 26 years ago has allowed madam Emilia Sorongon vda. de Sitjar to help introduce and promote precious and semi-precious jewelry to Mindanaoans from all walks of life.  Naturally, the early years were challenging for her and her jewelry shop although she started at a time when the country and its citizens were quite hopeful for new changes to happen with the dishonorable departure of the Marcoses and their minions.  Today’s Davao social scene is more upbeat.  There are more events to attend, especially with a Davaoeño sitting on the throne as President of R.P., with Mindanao’s jewelry enthusiasts, collectors and fashionistas growing in number by the day.  “I have a lot more to give my growing number of jewelry lovers especially since my children have joined me to help in running this jewelry business I started as a dream come true,” professes Davao’s foremost madame of fine jewelry.

EMILIA Sorongon vda. de Sitjar @ 80

EMILIA Sorongon vda. de Sitjar @ 80

     “All through the years, style and sensibilities of jewelry designers and craftsmen, including those of jewelry collectors and lovers, have changed.  My children and I have to expose ourselves to learn and understand what the market demands.  Thanks God for the creativity, energy and innovativeness of my children, Mindanaoans can expect something new from Emilia’s Jewellery all the time,” says madam Emilia who always stands out with her unique character and her age-defying beauty.

     Last July 8, 2017, Emil, Eduard & Tananya, and Eileen Sitjar, the madam’s beloved children, along with grandchildren Yanisa, Rosarin and Jovito Santiago hosted a precious thanksgiving dinner at the Lotus Court of the Marco Polo Davao for their beloved matriarch, Emilia Sorongon-Sitjar who turned 80 years old.  Indeed, it was an acknowledgment and thanksgiving for God’s gift of life bestowed on madam Emilia staged by her loving children and grandchildren.  The Sitjars requested the guests to “wear shades of pink in gratitude of and wishing her (Emilia Sorongon-Sitjar) to be always in the Pink of Health.”  It was simply a beautiful celebration of love for a mother whose children and grandchildren are so devoted to.

     “Pink is a delicate color that connotes something or someone sweet, playful, romantic, feminine and tender.  It is a color of universal love.  Pink is so fitting when we talk about a very special woman who is so dear to all her family members, relatives, friends and others.  That is tita Emilia Sorongon-Sitjar.  We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to plan, style, and direct her 80th birthday celebration: merienda, thanksgiving mass, dinner reception, performances and dancing.  All these highly energized activities done in a six-hour celebration filled with love and happiness, tears and laughter,” revealed Annie Paz-Lim, Davao’s pioneering and most respected (translation: expensive) event planner who transformed the Lotus Court into an awesome summer garden.

EMILIA S. Sitjar with her Sorongon siblings

EMILIA S. Sitjar with her Sorongon siblings

     “I also want a celebration like this when I turn 80.  Of course, tita Emilia is deserving of this big bash.  She is our beacon of light and our inspiration especially in the Divine Mercy Philippine Archdiocese of Davao.  The devotion has multiplied a hundredfold under her care and stewardship.  We thank the Lord of Mercy for sharing her with us; and we pray that God and the Mother of Mercy continue to fill tita Emilia with graces and boundless blessing!  We love you, tita Emilia,” expressed the vivacious one, Joji Ilagan Hao-Bian, who, of course, is one of tita Emilia’s most precious client and dearest friend.  Oh yes, the palangga is one blessed with an equally age-defying beauty as well.

     Paying a teary tribute to their Mommy Dearest were Emil and Eileen Sorongon Sitjar who, at the same time, expressed their deepest apologies to their mom for their shortcomings.  The two are forever grateful that their mother never stops loving and never even once gave up on them despite their flaws.  Who is perfect anyway.  It was Eduard alias Jet who brought the house down with his funny revelations about his mom and siblings as well.  The guy is a natural and bright comedian who knows how to handle an audience with such ease and confidence.  And to think he delivered his lines without the aid of a script unlike Emil and Eileen.  Bravo, Jet.

Adding happiness to the occasion were the performances of the Jalad family from Butuan; Sorongon family members from here and abroad;  Sophie and Sonia Sitjar; Santi S. Sitjar with friend Bela; and the Divine Mercy members with the amazing Joji Ilagan Hao-Bian in a Sister Act.  The surprise guest of the evening was an impersonator named Daniella who came as Vice Ganda; and acted and behaved like Vice Ganda.

After the Lotus Court dinner, the blowing of tita Emilia’s birthday candles with guests singing the bithday song, Davao’s popular instructors invited the guests to a hot night of ballroom dancing with the birthday celebrator herself showing her mighty prowess on the dance floor.  Good music was provided by Angelo Iñigo and his band.

Wishing you more happy years, tita Emilia.  God bless your family forever.

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